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Self Accountability


Hi Friends!

My challenge in blogging is daily content. More so now that my content is hitting the Blockchain now with my wordpress content moving into the CTPTalk platform then being carried on Steemit. If you have a wordpress blog, please look into the Steempress plug in then get with me in any of my contact methods for how to put this all together into a crypto currency accumulation system and ultimately an income stream for your affiliate marketing business.

So, now for Self Accountability. As I was posting in the CLB, CTP, and TL2IVM Telegram groups I found myself using the word accountability over and over again. We get a lot of new people in these groups, so I hear things like…

“Ok, I’ll try…”

“I’m afraid to talk to people…”

“I don’t like to see myself on video…”

Now, we must make everyone understand that if you come to an accountability group, you will be held accountable. I am not your boss, I do not pretend to be. I am a mentor, a coach, a friend, a guide. What I will do however is tell you what you don’t want to hear. I am not a yes man. I will not work to make you feel good in spite of giving good advice. I will tell you the truth. I will be nice about it, and positively constructive.

Here are my answers to the 3 examples:

“Ok, I’ll try…” Yoda says don’t try, do. Say you’ll do it, and if you fail somehow it won’t be for a lack of trying. The first step in accountability is putting your goal out to yourself and your peers. Follow up then is key, but that is for another blog on another day.

“I’m afraid to talk to people…” You must then be afraid of success and afraid of rejection perhaps? Perhaps you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone. So I give you the NIKE advice, just do it!!!!

“I don’t like to see myself on video…” You will always be your hardest critic. Ask and get feedback and then continue to practice and perfect. A bad video is better than no video.

In conclusion, it is not me or any other mentor that makes this all happen. It is YOU. The power is YOU and it starts with holding yourself accountable in the accountability groups. So make your declarations and go out and do it! ­čÖé

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