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Welcome to the Massive Marketing Success System!

Step A

Join me in TrafficLeads2IncomeVM HERE, which is the first step in setting up your list building lead capture page. If you came across this page after filling out a lead capture form, check your email for your sponsor’s join link for Trafficleads2incomeVM. (TrafficLeads2IncomeVM is a viral mailer, which means you can advertise via email to their members. It also has a lead capture page system.) Now enjoy 10000 Credits via this Promo Code:  MMSBlog  – If you are already a member of Trafficleads2income, there is no need to rejoin. You may have made it here direct from your signup, if so, WELCOME!!! Now, go to the Tl2ivm downline builder, in the resource section, and click on Clicktrackprofit and join it. Now, in Clicktrackprofit from your Dashboard, mouse over Training then click on Mastery and scroll down to Trafficleads2income and begin the course. Go through the training and request a 7 Day upgrade in our Telegram group, then go through the 7 Step funnel set up.

Login to Trafficleads2incomeVM HERE. Once you follow the instructions in Step 1 and receive your upgrade, you’ll be able to access Step 2 of the 7 Step set up. The Free 7 Day Upgrade mentioned in Step 1 exposes you to our Telegram Support Chat and Traffic Co Op. Click HERE for entry into our Telegram Support Chat.

The Massive Marketing Success System is a method I am using to promote a branded lead capture/squeeze page that generates leads for my Primary Business and can also be applied to all opportunities. The reason you would want to use a page like this is you gain additional credibility when your page is unique and personal. In other words, not just another company page plus these are real time leads your are generating!  Other elements of income from this plan can be derived from Trafficleads2incomeVM, ClickTrackProfit, The Conversion Pros, Referral Frenzy, and our Traffic Co-Op! So essentially, you are generating leads for these as well and possibly some of your own resources too! If you use another auto responder outside of The Conversion Pros, that is fine as the system is adaptable.  Your sponsor gives their Auto Responder Recommendation in Step 2 inside Trafficleads2incomeVM. The setup that follows is a Conversion Pros example setup.


Step B

(This is for those who want to learn to build their list first then enter people into the Trafficleads2incomeVM Funnel. This course is only available to upgraded TL2IVM Members.)

Follow the 7 Step Marketing System in Trafficleads2incomeVM. In Step 2, you are going to need an autoresponder and if you are a Member of or Join The Conversion Pros, you will have that and much more!  You will find the steps begin on the Home Page after you first log in to the members area. The First Step is right on that page. Before leaving Step 1, make sure you enter the promo code there to get your Bonus Credits. Read the details and the options of the FREE 7 Day Graduate Upgrade, then lock it in! Once your upgrade is set, you will be able to continue your training in Step 2.  Before you move forward, Go to your Profile at Trafficleads2incomeVM. Where it indicates AutoResponder, enter your affiliate url for whichever autoresponder you are using.

Where it asks for Primary Business, place your primary business opportunity URL there. (Including the http:// ) Also go to the Downline Builder at TrafficLeads2IncomeVM and add your Referral IDs; then Update. Getting your links in the DLB is critical so you can receive signups in these programs from your Trafficleads2incomevm referrals. 

Your thank you page is provided by TrafficLeads2IncomeVM and can be edited to your own customizations. There are many different approaches you can take on a thank you page. By default, the thank you page promotes Trafficleads2incomeVM which then can promote your resources and opportunities through the downline builder. You can also opt to promote your primary business directly on the thank you page as well. Additionally, you can bypass the TL2IVM thank you page and go right to your company sales page. Finally, if you have customized this blog you can use it as your thank you page too. Remember, the thank you page is defined in your autoresponder form code.

At this point please follow the instructions laid out in the video below which review the set up with you. This guides you through the first 5 Steps with The Conversion Pros as the chosen Autoresponder. Review Step C below as well for some additional details. Here is the shared campaign code to upload the email campaign:  037b61c3   Just make sure you change my details to yours.

Step C

Now go back to TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.

The next piece of business is creating your Lead Capture Page. As explained in Step 4 in TL2IVM, Paste your Form Code in the box indicated and Click Save My Autoresponder Code. Click Create New Lead Capture Page, choose your template, and name your page MMS. Now select your new page from the dropdown menu and edit it as shown below: (If you are not using an autoresponder, you can replace the #AUTORESPONDER# code with your Primary Business Link or any link for that matter. (Referred to as a splash page). (Again, easily editable to your customizations.) 

While you still on Step 4, again you can edit your thank you page, adding a link to your Company’s or your Personal (Bridge) Sales Page as shown above ( You could also add video embed code to make a personal introduction to your Sales Page right from the thank you Page. This eliminates the need for a separate Bridge page.) You can also simply leave the thank you as is, so you bring your leads to Trafficleads2incomeVM and the 7 Steps to Success training system.

Tip: When setting up links in a custom Blog or Webpage, always choose the option to open up in a new window which is also known as Target _blank.

Your new MMS System now gives you a special list building lead capture page that will bring people to your MMS System, where they will have all the tools and support to build their own TL2IVM and other downlines as well as Drive Leads to Their Primary Business!

Step D

Follow Steps 5-7 in TrafficLeads2IncomeVM in order to get Traffic to your new Lead Capture Page, which will build your list, build your Primary Business Downline, your TrafficLeads2IncomeVM Downline and ultimately your Income too! Join the Primary Business recommendation of your sponsor listed in Step 5/Income Section of the Downline Builder.  Referral Frenzy is a HUGE resource mentioned in Step 5 at TL2IVM which drives traffic to your splash/lead capture page funneling leads into your Primary Business. Join from the Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder. See my Traffic CoOp offer HERE or in Trafficleads2incomeVM, Step 7 of the 7 Steps to Your Success for an even bigger boost of Traffic. How about a combination of FREE and PAID Traffic? The FREE Traffic runs steady daily; the paid traffic EXPLODES at the end of the month!

Additionally, if you are looking for a great promotional email for MMS, see your Affiliate ToolBox Area in Trafficleads2incomeVM, Step 5, Subject: Introducing the Massive Marketing System (MMS)

Here’s to your MASSIVE success!

Robert Gehring


Skype and Facebook: rob.gehring

Telegram @robgehring

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