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Welcome to Trafficleads2incomeVM and Massive Success

If you came across this page after filling out a lead capture form, check your email for your sponsor’s join link for Trafficleads2incomeVM. (Not a member? Click the banner above.)

Look for the subject line Where do we send your commission checks?

Check all your email folders for it and also for your confirmation link which is in the email entitled Welcome to Trafficleads2incomeVM. You can not send or receive credit mails without activating your account. You can however still login and begin your training. Click HERE for a video that explains the join and confirmation process. Click HERE to schedule a consultation with me to see which of our options works best for you. Let’s talk! (Booking an appointment also sets you up for a 50% Discount on the Lifetime MSF500 Package!)

(TrafficLeads2IncomeVM is a viral mailer, which means you can advertise via email to their members. It also has a lead capture page system.) Now enjoy 10000 Credits via this Promo Code:  MMSBlog   

step1done is the promo code you seek for Step 1 of the 7 Steps of Success.

You can Login HERE for our exclusive MSF 500 Package (if you are not already in your TL2IVM Backoffice). You will find it in the Buy Credits Area. It is the last package as listed on the screen shot below.

Here is what you get with this MASSIVE Package:

– A Top Upgrade in Trafficleads2incomevm giving you 10000 advertising credits per day, full access to all of our training, and the best of everything we have to offer

– The ability to earn 60% Commissions on every purchase including 600 dollars per sale on the resale of the MSF 500 Package

– Access to the MSF (Massive Success Funnel) Set Up. The only extra part you need is an AutoResponder and your Traffic in Month 3.

2 bonus shares in our paid ad co op (They are valued at 50.00 a piece so you get FREE Paid Traffic for 2 Months

5 New Downline Members per Month

– Access to our Telegram Mentoring Group

– Access to our voice conference room with Moderators standing by to help and support you. In addition a special Sunday Night meeting that is recorded. Recordings are in our special Training and Resource area.

– One on one coaching and mentoring on how to lead and coach a team to earn 4-5 figures monthly

– Daily motivation and inspiration

– A downline builder you can customize.

Remember, you can Click HERE to schedule a consultation with me to receive a 50% Discount on the Lifetime MSF500 Package!) You’ll also find Luke on our Facebook Page (He’s in a post).

Lock in this Package NOW!!! Then Click Here for your Training. (You’ll get the password when added to our MSF 500 Telegram Mentoring Group.)

If you would like to simply get the Lifetime Upgrade, a Monthly Co Op Share, and the ability to earn $500 Dollar commissions, Choose this Option from the Buy Credits Area (It is not one of the One Time Offers):

Lock in this Package NOW!!! Then Click Here for your Training. (You’ll get the password when added to our MSF 500 Telegram Mentoring Group.)

There are other upgrade options in the Upgrade Area (left hand column); or If you want to Earn your Upgrade with Sweat Equity, read about our Income Acceleration Plan HERE.

Depending on your Upgrade Level and resources you have, that will determine the funnel that you’ll be able to create. You will be coached on this when you get to this point in your training. An Upgrade is required to go through our 7 Step Training Course.

Join us every Wednesday Night at 8pm est for our Weekly MSF Open House. We will review the Massive Success options and welcome all of our new members! The meeting Details Are HERE. Join us each Wednesday at 8pm est to further your online marketing success training!


Massive Marketing Success is a method I am using to promote a branded lead capture/squeeze page that generates leads for my Primary Business and can also be applied to all opportunities. The reason you would want to use a page like this is you gain additional credibility when your page is unique and personal. In other words, not just another company page plus these are real time leads your are generating!  Other elements of income from this plan can be derived from Trafficleads2incomeVM, TrafficWave, ClickTrackProfit, Referral Frenzy, and our MSF500 Funnel and Traffic Co-Op! So essentially, you are generating leads for these as well and some your own resources and opportunities too through our Downline Builder!

Follow the 7 Step set up at Trafficleads2incomevm to create your Free Traffic Massive Success Funnel (Steps 1 – 4). If by chance you purchased the MSF 500 Package above; once you’ve completed Step 7 you can proceed to the MSF 500 setup HERE, since you also earned two paid advertising shares in our Traffic CoOp as part of this package. You get the Best Paid Traffic pointed right to your page! We use a different page for our Paid Traffic than we do for our FREE Traffic. Let’s help you earn 500-600 dollar commissions as soon as possible!

Follow Steps 5-7 in TrafficLeads2IncomeVM in order to get Free Traffic to your new Lead Capture Page, which will build your list, build your Primary Business Downline, your TrafficLeads2IncomeVM Downline and ultimately your Income too! Join the Primary Business recommendation of your sponsor listed in Step 5/Income Section of the Downline Builder.  Referral Frenzy is a HUGE resource mentioned in Step 5 at TL2IVM which drives traffic to your splash/lead capture page funneling leads into your Primary Business. Join from the Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder. See my Traffic CoOp offer HERE or in Trafficleads2incomeVM, Step 7 of the 7 Steps to Your Success for an even bigger boost of Traffic. Our Paid Traffic runs steady daily for an entire month! Your TL2IVM created lead capture page is great for FREE Traffic, but for Paid Traffic you’ll want to convert to one of our TCP Top Performing Templates. While at the Traffic CoOp Blog check out our Top Performing MSF 500 Funnel.

Additionally, if you are looking for a great promotional email for MMS, see your Affiliate ToolBox Area in Trafficleads2incomeVM, Step 5, Subject: Introducing the Massive Marketing System (MMS)

Here’s to your MASSIVE success!

Robert Gehring

P.S. We offer LIVE VOICE SUPPORT in our Conference Room below (Just ask for one of our leaders to meet you there. No password is required.)


Skype and Facebook: rob.gehring

Telegram @robgehring/Click HERE for our Telegram Support Group

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