What is a Trafficleads2incomeVM JV Upgrade?

What You Get as a JV Partner…

As an Upgraded Member (JV), you get the following versus a Free Member:

*Mail to All Members every 12 hrs versus 72 hrs. Move to the TL2L Level to mail every 4 hours.

*Earn 25 Credits Per Click of member emails versus 10 Credit. Move to the TL2L Level to earn 40 Credits per click.

*40% Commissions On Referral Purchases versus 10%.

*10000 Credits Per Month versus 1000.

*Use credits for Mail (1), Banners (25), and Text Ads (30) versus 1/10/15.

*Save up to 25 Email Templates versus 5.

*Mail to Downline without spending credits

*Earn 25% Referral Surfing Bonus

*Access to the TrafficLeads2Income System with Unlimited Lead Capture Pages

*FREE Weekly Credit Refills. Move to the TL2L Level for 10000 Credit Daily Refills

*Add 10 custom programs to the downline builder for your downline to see; hide ones you don’t want them to see. Move to the TL2L Level to add 25 programs and complete access to the Massive Marketing Success System.

*50% off a Custom Funnel (See Step 7 for Details)

You can also purchase the JV Level Upgrade outright through the One Time Offer that you’ll see when logging in.

Click HERE to see what you get at the TL2L Level; which is one step above JV and the highest upgrade offered at Trafficleads2incomeVM.

Here’s to your breakthrough!

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM


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