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Hi and welcome to my Blog. As the owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM my sincere wish is that I in some way can help you generate more traffic, build your list, and make enough income to stay at home and spend more time with your family (or however you enjoy spending time.) I hope you find helpful tips, tricks, and tid-bits below. Enjoy the new format!    Rob

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Promo Codes

When you discover a Promo Code for Trafficleads2incomevm, go to the Promo Code button on the left side of the members area and enter it to collect your prize. This weeks code for reading your newsletter is coming soon.  Keep reading!

There are 6 Codes at TrafficCodex. TrafficCodex is loaded with PromoCodes for hundreds of TrafficExchanges and ViralMailers. There is a promo banner for TL2IVM and a newly added Splash Page in the Affiliate Area of TrafficCodex!

There is a Promo Code at Referral Frenzy. See Referral Frenzy in your TL2IVM Downline Builder. Get Your Site Seen, Results Matter! Monthly Bonus – Grab It From Your Bonus Area! 1000 Mail Credits, 1000 Banners, 1000 Texts. Also a Special Upgrade Offer is there as well.

There is a Code in each step of our TL2IVM 7 Steps to Success Training Course. The total is good for 10000 Credits and $10 Cash! Please don’t just grab those codes without taking the training, if that is found out your account will be suspended subject to deletion.

There is Promo Code at TruckLoadofAds. See TLOA in your Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder. 

Today’s Promo Code:   6317dailypromo3464rVV

I will keep you updated as more Promo Codes are announced.

News and Notes

In an effort to create consistency throughout the referral pages, customization outside the widget is not allowed. Updating your profile now will update your referral page customization. See your profile for details and we recommend you take this opportunity to update your profile. You’ll need at least one social networking ID filled in to be able to use the mailer. Use “None” if you absolutely have nothing to fill in.

We have added a New Level, called TL2L, for those seeking extra “leverage” in their business. See info on this new level and MMS (Massive Marketing Success/Massive Success Funnel) plus our Traffic Co-Op further down in the post.

Our Membership Levels:

Undergrads:  1000 Monthly Credits, 60 Open Credit Links Max, Mail every 72 hours, Earn 25% of your Referrals Surf Credits

Graduates: 10000 Monthly Credits, 40 Open Credit Links, Mail every 24 hours, Earn 25% of your Referrals Surf Credits

JV: 10000 Monthly Credits, 40 Open Credit Links, Mail every 12 hours, Earn 25% of your Referrals Surf Credits, FREE Credit Refills. 250.00 one time payment! (New Members Only)

TL2L: 10000 DAILY Credits, 40+ Credits per Click, Mail every 4 hours, Earn 25% of your Referrals Surf Credits, 500 dollar commissions and more!  See your TL2IVM Members Area and Buy Credits Area for details. $75 a month and you’ll get a monthly co-op share. You can also pay for it in one lump sum, details HERE.

MSFMod: Everything above plus 2 bonus co op shares (no monthly share), 60% Commissions, Monthly Coaching Session, and 5 Added to your Downline Per Month (at your Monthly Coaching Session.)

Chats and Groups

 The Telegram Focus Group is simply a group of active TL2IVM Members who use the mailer, marketing system, traffic co-op. Our group on Telegram has actual Co Op participants, one being premier marketer Janet Legere. Click HERE to gain access.

A special plan some follow is our Massive Marketing Success Plan, found HERE.  Click HERE to enter our Facebook Group. Please answer the initial questions. The key to groups is engaging, be active once you’re approved.

Trafficleads2income, our List Building Machine, is merged with Trafficleads2incomeVM, The Best Viral Mailer in the World!  The 7 Step Marketing/List Building System known as Massive Marketing success is unique and exclusive at Trafficleads2incomeVM. In order to build your downline in TL2IVM once your list is built, we recommend that you use our special TL2IVM Thankyou Page in conjunction with your TL2IVM Lead Capture Page. Remember, we are the only Viral Mailer in the world with a List Building Income Producing Course! Here’s to your Massive Success!

Login Spotlight Ads

They are currently available! New pricing for these ads is $4.25 per day. This is HUGE exposure for a Cheap Price! (See the Spotlight Ad Button on the left side in your TL2IVM Members Area.) Users see your spotlight ad one time each day, and also have the opportunity to give feedback about your site as well. Did you ever what to know what they REALLY think?

Ratings and Rankings

Sean Supplee’s Rapid Downline.  Follow Sean’s suggestions and you’ll build a downline rapidly for sure. See Rapid Downline in your TL2IVM Downline Builder!

Bill Carr’s ListHoopla is also a great place to find out the best mailers out there. It’s in the TL2IVM Downline Builder!

Traffic Co-Op

Tons of Daily Paid Traffic so you’re going to want to check it out. Details HERE.

Have a Great Marketing Week!

Rob Gehring – Admin/Owner

Skype rob.gehring

Facebook   rob.gehring

Telegram   robgehring

Phone  412-302-2950

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  9. D R Rao

    Dear Sir,

    I have upgraded to Graduate level today and wish to join Ad CoOp.
    Unable to understand how to complete all the steps properly and
    hence wish to know if I provide necessary details, is it possible to
    complete my set up correctly.
    Also advise how to participate in Ad CoOp and the cost.

    Thanking you, with best regards.

    D R Rao

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