Trafficleads2incomeVM Update for 5/16/15 – Marketing – Thinking outside the box

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Great Topic, huh? It was the brain child of Rebecca Stamer, one of our panelist for our Sunday Night Hangout, which coincidentally will be Sunday 5/17/15 at 8:30PM est. You can RSVP for the Event HERE or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE. You can view the hangout from either area. All hangouts are archived on my Youtube Channel, and you can watch LIVE on Youtube HERE or in your Trafficlead2incomeVM backoffice. We will be discussing our topic of thinking outside the box, and how it relates to Trafficleads2incomeVM. Watch Live below on Youtube!

Here is my take……….

Thinking outside the marketing box to me means first off following a plan. You can’t run until you walk, as they say. Once you understand the basics, now its time to execute the basics. Once you can execute the basics, now let’s look at stepping out of the box. In the TL2IVM context, to me, this is customizing your lead capture page so it is not cookie cutter. Have your own slogan, mantra, state what the program means to you. Do you have self awareness as a leader, do you have a strong passion for what you can offer your team? Transferring them bonus credits, even though it is a feature of the program, still is outside the box of what most do. Finally, do you blog about TL2IVM? Create your own video? Write a review? These are all extra outside the box activities that put you a step ahead of the rest. So outside the box isn’t so bad now is it?  🙂 Hear more from me on this Sunday Night at 830pm est

Coming Soon…….

We are going to be working on adding an in-house autoresponder to Trafficleads2incomeVM which will allow for the capture of your leads and the 5 part email series automatically mailed to your leads on your behalf to get them to join TL2IVM and begin their 7 Steps. Look for this hopefully by 6/1/15.

**Have you completed your 7 steps to success? If not, what are you waiting for. 10000 credits and $10 Cash Await! Once your Training is complete, make sure you are using ours and other great mailers to build your list and income.**

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Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of RobsNetworkers and Trafficleads2incomeVM

Skype:  rob.gehring

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2 thoughts on “Trafficleads2incomeVM Update for 5/16/15 – Marketing – Thinking outside the box

  1. Carlos Loureiro

    Hi Rob,

    Like where you are going with thinking outside the marketing box.

    You’re right, most people are so entrenched in their own marketing that they don’t realize there are little things one can do to help our downline members.

    Carlos Loureiro

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