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Trafficleads2incomeVM Introduces a Traffic Co-Op

Hello again!

It’s been a while since my last post so I’m hoping this is a good one! I’d like to proudly announce the creation of a Traffic Co-Op for Trafficleads2incomeVM Members. Here’s how it works:

A. Join TrafficLeads2IncomeVM or Login

B. Click on Buy Credits on the Left Menu and Choose either Co-Op or Recurring Co-Op. If you choose Co-Op you get 1 paid traffic share and also daily free traffic from the following top mailers: ListPunk, Adchiever, FastCashMailer, Herculist, 123 List, ListBuilderMahem, SOTAM, InstantViralMailer, ViralMailerProfits, TheLeadMagnet, ProActiveMailer, MrSafelist, WhiteListEmailMarketing, Trafficleads2incomeVM, Email-Hog, CardinalExpress, AdvertisingforSuccess, GlobalViralMailer, BakeryMailer, OverTheRainbowMailer, GlobalBusinessMailer. Choose Recurring Co-Op so you stay in the rotator month after month. For either package, choose Co-Op again to add more paid advertising shares. The more folks that come in, the lower the price per click will be. We are currently at 47 cents per click but I am currently negotiating to bring that price down. Your participation will help! The Paid Traffic is Top Tier and highly responsive.

C. Send me your lead capture page via Support Ticket from FAQ/Ask Admin on the left menu. A good example of what works in this co-op is here. If you like this set up, opt in and indicate Pocket Setup in your ticket versus a link. I’ll get back to you with a set up plan based on your sponsor. (Don’t join anything from the landing page, it’s for viewing only.) Your landing page also must be able to accept my special tracking code so be sure you can edit it. The landing page is the page the subscriber goes to after the lead capture form is filled in. Remember the 7 Steps of Success inside TL2IVM offers a lead capture and landing page you can customize.

D. Let me know your Facebook ID in the ticket you send with your link after payment. I can then add you to our Facebook Group chat for additional support in your traffic and lead generation journey. Part of being in this co-op is the opportunity to get training and support from myself and our team. There is strength in numbers in this co-op in so many ways! See you on the inside!!!

E. Let’s review the steps. Pay – Send Support Ticket with Lead Capture Link or the words Pocket Set Up and your Facebook ID. I will get back to you with tracking code to add to your landing page and add you to our Facebook Chat. If you like the Pocket SetUp, I’ll get instructions out to you regarding that after checking your sponsor.

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM

SendShark Launch Alert!

See the source image

Hey There!

I am going to keep this short and sweet because the value is INSANE. Gone are the days of expensive email marketing!!

How would you like to be able to email as many people as you like as much as you want for just $25.00 per month!!

Throw in a Page Builder too and an Insane comp plan!

INSANE right? Most companies charge at least $300.00 per month to do the same thing.

Well.. here is your private invite!!

Just take 2 seconds and get on the list because this will save you thousands in costs over the years!!

And yes… HIT the INBOX every time!!

You can also get involved in the 12000 dollar contest that is going on. If I win prize money, I will share it equally with all who helped me win it! I will also give everyone who joins me during the contest period a FREE Top Level Upgrade to my Viral Mailer Trafficleads2incomeVM. It is top rated in the world with over 30,000 members and this upgrade has a 250 dollar retail value! I will also throw in my personal coaching I give to my Massive Marketing Team to help you use Sendshark plus other resources to earn 1k, 2k, maybe 5k a month! $25 could change your marketing fortunes, is that worth it to you?

See you on the inside…

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success


rob.gehring on Facebook and Skype

The Team2Profit Funnel System

What You Need:

Join Team2Profit FREE above. Next, login to your Team2Profit account and simply watch the intro video on the HOME Page and Update your Profile and Downline Builder with your NowLifestyle and Conversion Pros referral IDs and any of the other programs you may already be a member of. Don’t follow any other steps or join any other programs; come back here and continue below.

**Note that you can also replace Nowlifestyle with your primary business in this funnel as the primary component is Conversion Pros. If you don’t want to join Conversion Pros you can follow the 5 Step Training at Team2Profit.**

The Flow:

Your visitor will see the ‘pocket’capture page and fill out the form where they are directed to the NLSfree page and encouraged to join Now Lifestyle and then take the next step.

The next step takes your visitor to the NLS21 page where they learn about The System and Setting it up. The System link directs them to The Conversion Pros and the Setting it up button directs them to the NLS32 page.

The NLS32 Page includes all the shared codes and a video on how to setup the T2P Funnel. It also directs your visitor to join our Team2Profit system.

With the Team2Profit funnel, we are generating subscribers as well as signups for The Conversion Pros, Now Lifestyle and Team2Profit.

From within Team2Profit, members will discover this T2P Funnel system and be directed to join the programs under YOU, their sponsor!

The Shared Codes:

Auto-Responder NLS prospects 5a5a9660
Initial Capture Page – “pocket”  19ec6ce2
NLSfree – Shared code: 79fec11e
NLS21 – Shared code: 6f3d640f
NLS32  – Shared code: e39cdf7c

The Setup:

Below, you will find the replay of our live webinar where I shared the Team2Profit NLS Funnel as well, below the video, I am including detailed written instructions.

Step 1:

Create the Auto-Responder Campaign (NLS prospects) and copy the code for the follow-up letters

From inside The Conversion Pros members area, on the left side, click on Auto-Responder Builder under the TCP Marketing Suite section.

Click on Create New Autoresponder

Under Label, enter NLS Prospects and click Submit

Now, still in the Autoresponder section, click on Email series, then from the drop down menu on the Create Message button click on Use Shared Code and paste the AR code in place and click copy (AR code 5a5a9660)

Step 2:

Edit the Follow-up messages with your personal details

There are 10 messages, each needs your Name and email address at the top as well as your personal signature file (Name, Skype, Phone).

Each letter is different, check each hyperlink in each email and either add your TCP Username or your NLS Username as indicated.

Once complete, I recommend you go through each email another time to verify all changes 😉

Go back to the Campaign Details and change the status from inactive to active and save!

Step 3:

Create the Capture Page and Bridge Pages (4 in all)

The first step is to create all 4 Capture/Bridge pages then go into each one individually to edit them.

To create the 4 pages, go to the Landing Page Builder under the TCP Marketing Suite.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, if need be, until you see a space to enter a Code and Preview or Create the page.

Enter each code and click Create Page then move on to the next step to edit each page

pocket – 19ec6ce2 (this is the capture page)

NLSfree – Shared code: 79fec11e (this is the first redirect where they are introduced to Now Lifestyle)

NLS21 – Shared code: 6f3d640f (this is the next redirect where they are introduced to The Conversion Pros)

NLS32  – Shared code: e39cdf7c (this is the Setup Page with the shared codes and a video explaining how to set it up)

Step 4:

Edit the Capture and Bridge Pages

Still in the Landing Page Builder section, we are now going to edit each page. Each page is a little bit different and it would benefit you to watch the Video, you can fast forward to that section 😉

The Capture Page – pocket

Locate the page called pocket. To the right, you will see an edit button. Click the Edit button.

This opens a new window with your capture page ready to edit.

You will need to replace the username in the redirect url with your TCP username.

Replace ghcamry with YOUR TCP username

Then, under the Mail Campaign section, choose your NLS Prospects campaign that you setup. Leave the form setting as is.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save Lander

The First Page – NLSfree

Go back to the Landing Page Builder and locate Page NLSfree and click edit.

On this page, you are going to edit the links for First Program and Next Step which are located under the video.

To edit the first link, mouse over the button that says First Step. This will popup a box to the left. On this box, locate the ‘Style A’ tab and click it. This opens a box in the upper left with tabs. Click the link tab.

The link displayed is

You will want to replace ghcamry with YOUR Now Lifestyle username.

Close the box

Now we are going to edit the Next Step button.

Mouse over the Next Step button and from the popup, locate the link tab.

This link goes to

You will want to replace ghcamry with YOUR TCP username.

Once done, click on Save Lander on the left hand menu.

Note: It is recommended that you replace my video with your own custom video.

The Next Step – NLS21

Now, go back to the Landing Page Builder and locate Page NLS21 and click edit.

On this page, you are going to edit the links for The System and Set it up which are located under the video.

To edit the first link, mouse over the button that says The System. This will popup a box. On this box, locate the ‘Style A’ tab and click it. Observe the pop up on the upper right and click the link tab,

The link displayed is

You will want to replace ghcamry with YOUR TCP username.

Close the box

Now we are going to edit the Set it up button.

Mouse Over the Set it up button and from the popup, locate the ‘Style A’ tab and click it. Observe the pop up on the upper right and click the link tab.

This link goes to

You will want to replace ghcamry with YOUR TCP username.

(Actually, it is going to my blog, more on that below.)

Once done, click on Save Lander on the left hand menu.

**Note: Create a blog like this using the conversion pros blog platform with your custom information and link it to the set up button. Simply copy this blog and paste into yours, editing the links, share codes, and signature. This would eliminate the need for the NLS32 below.***

Set It Up – NLS32

Now, go back to the Landing Page Builder and locate Page NLS32 and click edit.

On this page, the only thing to edit is the Redirect URL which goes to

You will replace the number 49 with your Team2Profit ID number, located under the Affiliate tools in the Team2Profit members area.

Click on Save Lander when complete

Your pages are now ready!

Step 5:

Test Your New Funnel!

Load your capture page into your browser and fill out the form. Your initial email may take a while to arrive, as long as you set the Campaign status to active, your first email should arrive within a couple hours.

Once you subscribe, go through each succeeding page and click the buttons to make sure all the links direct to your affiliate pages.

Note – This system will bring you FREE NLS Members so go back to Step 3 at Team2Profit and make sure you have your NLS follow ups are set properly. Again, keep in mind you are promoting the pocket lead capture page, not the lead capture pages at NowLifestyle.

Step 6:

Send Traffic to your Capture Page (Udimi Solo Ads or MLM Leads)

We recommend using Udimi Solo ads or MLM Leads to direct traffic to your new capture page.

Training for these programs can be found under Step 4 in the Team2Profit members area.

You will promote your pocket page

Step 5 at Team2Profit is great training on how to follow up with all your new leads and members!!!

To your Massive Success!

Rob Gehring – Leader of Team Massive Success at Team2Profit

Version 2.0

Thursday Night Massive Success Online Marketing Webinar

Hello Again!

Join me every Thursday Night at 9pm edt for my Massive Success Online Marketing Webinar.  What is that you may ask? Come join us to find out! 9/13/18, our topic is “YOUR FREE and PAID Funnels”. The access link for the webinar is posted below, so come join us! We’ll talk about Trafficleads2incomeVM so if you’re not a member, Join Here prior to the webinar or see your sponsor/Team2Profit downline builder. So if you want to start an online business, enhance one, or just pick up a new concept or two; this webinar is for you. Topics include Traffic, List Building, Follow Up, Income Generation, and more…

You can get access to this weekly webinar HERE.

Oh, and did I mention prizes?  😉

I will be giving away 30 Day Upgrades in Trafficleads2incomeVM to those attending. Already upgraded, no worries as I will bump you up a level till your next paid renewal. I will also give one in attendance a FREE Login Spotlight Ad for One Day! Here is a 10000 credit promo code to show me you read this far – webby87gdF44

Hopefully you’ll continue taking more steps to your MASSIVE SUCCESS.  😉


Rob Gehring – Instagram:  gehringrob

Your Massive Success Coach


Cell: (412) 302-2950 – Email:

What is a Trafficleads2incomeVM JV Upgrade?

What You Get as a JV Partner…

As an Upgraded Member (JV), you get the following versus a Free Member:

*Mail to All Members every 12 hrs versus 72 hrs. Move to the TL2L Level to mail every 4 hours.

*Earn 25 Credits Per Click of member emails versus 10 Credit. Move to the TL2L Level to earn 40 Credits per click.

*50% Commissions On Referral Purchases versus 10%.

*10000 Credits Per Month versus 1000.

*Use credits for Mail (1), Banners (25), and Text Ads (30) versus 1/10/15.

*Save up to 25 Email Templates versus 5.

*Mail to Downline without spending credits

*Earn 25% Referral Surfing Bonus

*Access to the TrafficLeads2Income System with Unlimited Lead Capture Pages

*FREE Weekly Credit Refills. Move to the TL2L Level for 10000 Credit Daily Refills

*Add 10 custom programs to the downline builder for your downline to see; hide ones you don’t want them to see. Move to the TL2L Level to add 25 programs and complete access to the Massive Marketing Success System.

*50% off a Custom Funnel (See Step 7 for Details)

You can also purchase the JV Level Upgrade outright through the One Time Offer that you’ll see when logging in.

Click HERE to see what you get at the TL2L Level; which is one step above JV and the highest upgrade offered at Trafficleads2incomeVM.

Here’s to your breakthrough!

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM