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TL2ICM Relaunch T Minus 13 Days

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Traffic Leads 2 Income Cash Mailer

This is a redesign of my current site TL2IVM. With all of the changes taking place in the industry, to change with the industry seemed prudent. 1 of the biggest changes is keeping all of the mails in-house. With a 95% attrition rate no wonder, Google is complaining about all of those overstuffed Gmail inboxes.

It can get frustrating for the user of a platform to not see the platform updated regularly especially when an entire industry makes a wide left turn. Previously it was enough just to place your links here and there, but now it is a very social industry.

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HivePay is Active

Want to get paid in Hive or HBD, or maybe you would like to purchase an upgrade or maybe some credits and want to pay with Hive or HBD, no problem. Chris Scicluna did a great job installing HivePay. Chris is chris.topher on Wowapp.

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Paid Training is Included

Promoting your site, business, or service can be a huge learning curve that may seem insurmountable. I find that a lot of people struggle with just trying to make their first few dollars online. When a new member goes through all 7 of the training steps, a couple of things happen.

You will find that your TL2ICM account is completely set up and ready to go to work for you. You will also be set up to start doing business right away.

You will find $10 USD in your TL2ICM commission account. This is the paid training I mentioned earlier. Not to mention you will have a bunch of bonus credits so you can send your first mails immediately.

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Incentivized Membership

There is nothing worse than joining an advertising platform that has an inactive membership base. Advertising platforms only work when there are members actively working on the platform. Mailers are no exception to this rule. That is why I felt that a name change along with a site redesign was needed.

All free members will earn $0.005 and upgraded members will earn $0.01 per mail click. I am currently testing these new changes and everything has been working perfectly.

Result Driven Platform

Regardless of your online business, getting quality traffic is a real challenge. For internet businesses, responsive traffic is the lifeblood of your business. With my site, I am offering a remedy to this lack of traffic problem. Without enough eyes on your online business making sales will be impossible regardless of how excellent your offer is.

Traffic is not enough, it must be quality traffic. That is why my site is result-driven. In other words, my membership is getting results, when something stops producing results it stops and we make a change.

The official launch is June 1st but all of the above-mentioned features are fully active and ready to start getting results for you.

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Thank you so much for taking the time.
If you are not getting paid daily my Contact Info is below
reach out and we can talk.

Telegram: [Rob’s Telegram]

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What’s in a Name?

Names can be very interesting. You have names of people, names of cars, and yes names of businesses. Hey, even Facebook changed to Metaverse, right? So in the spirit of change Trafficleads2incomeVM has a new name. The TL2ICashMailer. There are more features with a new fresh look coming. Our full launch is on 6/1/22. In the meantime, consider yourself part of the “Soft Launch” where you can take part in the biggest change, the Cash Mailer! There is an email swipe in your Affiliate Toolbox that you can edit and use now if you like.

Login every day to access your Cash Mail Inbox. Earn from .005 to .01 for simply reading the information there, clicking a link, allowing a short timer to count down, and finally clicking the picture you are told to. Joining or opting into anything is completely optional, we and our advertisers appreciate your time and attention!

But don’t get blinded by the mailer side of TL2ICashMailer. There is a 7 Step Training literally right before your eyes that takes you on a journey of additional income streams while you learn to build your list. It’s a winning combination and we either provide you all the tools for success or show you where to find them. Soup to Nuts, A to Z, and complete Online Marketing Portfolio even the most seasoned Online Marketer can appreciate (and use!). It’s the TL2I side of the TL2I Mailer (Traffic Leads 2 Income!)

We are now able, through our new domain, to deliver regular email to your Inbox (including gmail). With great power comes great responsibility so we do the following:

  1. We require new members to subscribe to mail (Even the Cash Mail)
  2. We send regular email only to keep the integrity of our list. We call it a bounce test, which assures that all of our users have valid email addresses.
  3. We send admin and system emails externally, and they are reaching their destination’s Inbox more often than their spam box.
  4. We encourage ALL Members in all of our correspondence to login daily to read their Cash Mail. It is working as the number of clickers and clicks are WAY UP!

Keep an eye on this space as we prepare for full launch. 6/1/22 is not that far away!!!

My Contact Info is below, reach out and we can talk.

Telegram: Rob’s Telegram

WowApp: The Messenger That Pays You

Accidents and Misunderstandings Happen

Accidents Happen

The Worst Thing A Person Can Do

Every day of life shows us that accidents are very common. With all of this new technology surrounding our lives and forcing us to constantly update our communications knowledge. Pressure can be very high on the internet to be a top performer. Especially when you see all these other people really performing.

The worst thing a person can do is misrepresent themselves (accidentally) by faking it until they are making it, this is the definition of a lie. Be very careful because some of these Social Media Coaches are tricky with the way they word their instructions. They will use terms like “social proof” this is nothing more than just giving the impression that your business is up and running and you have a team.

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With All Of This Noise…

Take a deep breath and think reasonably. Blocking out all of the noise needs to happen so you can focus on your business plan, while this is happening especially when stress is high. Misunderstandings between marketers, Hive members, MLM hopefuls, and even online friends happen often.

These misunderstandings can blow up a friendship, and end relationships. I have seen entire businesses shut down because of a personality clash and a few misunderstandings. There are even some misunderstandings about me a simple Steelers fan kind of guy. I sometimes have issues like with Buffalo fans. Do you believe they gave us Mitch Trubsiki? Anyhoo…

Can I Clear This Up?

I am a very passionate person. My online business affords me time with my family and friends. This in turn has me very passionate about my business. I can see how this can be misinterpreted as a high-pressure technique. I am so excited about what I am sharing that my voice goes up and I use words that could be seen as aggressive like: ”You gotta do this!!” Or “This is the best thing!!” It is just passion.

Ever have a friend run up to you all excited about a movie they just saw, and because they love it they tell everyone? Including you whether you want them to or not. They use words like “The Best Movie Ever!!” “You have to See This Movie!!” You would think they were getting paid a commission.

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High Ticket Only?

Not even close! I remember when I was first starting out a couple of decades ago and back then FREE was far and few in between. To give people a sense of confidence I love offering programs with FREE levels. This gives a person time to try it out and get to learn the platform.

My normal focus is to try and have something for everyone. I know this is a period where the niche is king and everyone is all abuzz with what is your preferred niche? Niches are just not inclusive enough. I want a platform where there is something for everyone. All are welcome and working together for everyone’s success.

Why Do I Include High Ticket Sales

This is an interesting long-winded story but I really want to be respectful of your time and will give you the condensed version. High Ticket Sales are very exciting and can be addicting. For example, you make a sale with a 20% commission on a $100 sale. That gives you a $20 commission not bad and worth getting happy.
Imagine for the same time and effort instead of making a $20 commission, you sold a program that cost $2,000, at 20%, you now have a $400 commission. What has you more excited, a $20 commission or a $400 commission?

Armed with this information, did you know there are a lot of professional online marketers that prefer to only focus on high commissions sales? If I did not get involved I would have left a lot of potential money on the table.

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Once You Get To Know Me

You will find I am a regular football-loving guy, that loves his family and building his business. I do have Season Tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers, it is a cool story but that is for next time.

Helping people achieve Massive Results and spending quality time with my family is what I am all about.

My Contact Info is below, reach out and we can talk.

Telegram: Rob’s Telegram

WowApp: The Messenger That Pays You

Hi, My Name is Rob

Our Family

Our Family


We should get to know each other. Maybe you could be shy so I will break the ice. I am just your average American Football loving guy, “Go STEELERS!”. For the time being, I am living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, now I know you are thinking wow steel mill country but actually, there are shades of green that you can’t see in other parts of the country. Originally my background is in Corporate America. I was a successful Retail Manager for a Major US retailer. Now there is nothing wrong with that lifestyle if you are single and love that high-energy high pressure dog-eat-dog environment. Being married with children my heart broke a little each day. I love to work but I was missing my family horribly with all of the hours I was spending at the office.

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I Hated Leaving My Family Everyday

I am married to my beautiful wife of 25 years and we have 2 wonderful children, our son who is 24 years old, and daughter 19 years old. My family is my truest treasure because they keep my life filled with happiness and love. Knowing that every day I would have to spend the majority of my waking hours apart from my family. The feeling of heartbreak gave me a knot in my stomach that I carried with me throughout the week. Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial “There has to be a better way!” This would be racing through my mind daily there needs to be a legitimate way for people to work from home and make a living wage. Never having to miss those once-in-a-lifetime precious moments with my family was like a far-off fantasy that may never happen. That idea alone was so depressing. Just like now back then there were all too many mail-order programs with get-rich-quick pipe dreams. Never have I believed in a get-rich-quick idea. Although there had to be a “do this”; and “make income” type of system.

I Remember Back To 1999

The Internet and World Wide Web were just starting to become household words and $25 was a lot of money, oops I got ahead of myself lol Prior to 1999, I can’t remember too much of what I did online. I was married in 1996 and it was around this time that I discovered the internet/worldwide web via Netscape. My wife has a work account and allowed me to use it. So I went, OMG this is freaking awesome. I played around with some stupid stuff for a while but then got to thinking, perhaps I can make money with this??? My first idea was Think and Link. I was going to make you think daily, then provide you with affiliate links you could go to. I think it could have worked, but the execution sucked so I scrapped it. I then found DHS Club and Dick Burke was my first mentor. I became a VIP for 25 bucks a month and at that time had to run it by my wife. Needless to say, she was very skeptical and said, you better get that money back!!! Well, I was motivated for sure as you don’t want to waste the family’s money, right? So I did everything I could to get referrals. Most famously I used AOL Messenger to get chatting with other AOL members and then would drop a link. I learned how to connect first, then eventually drop the link after making the common mistake of doing that before gaining know/like/trust. This method, over the years, on various platforms has earned me a lot of commissions. I actually have a training called the Simple Art of Recruiting on the subject.

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After a Little Time Guess What?!

A little bit of time passed and a check came in the mail, for $10! My first commission! The addiction took hold. It appeared as if I made money from thin air. That was not the case, in fact, it took a bit of effort but because I was loving the process of online marketing it was like taking a small vacation from my corporate life. It felt like a two-ton weight was lifted from my chest. Finally, I could see the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel. The $10 gave me confidence and fuel to power on to make a living wage from the comfort of my own home. Sometimes My wife and I look back upon that moment and share a little laugh.

I Really Enjoy Sharing

When I started “Traffic Leads to Income” I had just one mission to help others find the same success that I have found. I say found but actually, it took a lot of hard work and a bunch of missed football games. I went through a lot in those early days, and saving another person from some of the pitfalls of the business is essential. We all think that a nice site and a great sales pitch equals a reputable business. In reality, out of all the opportunities that exist online only about 10% of them are any good the other 90% are garbage. Refer to Sturgeon’s Law. Helping people achieve Massive Results and spending quality time with my family is what I am all about. My Contact Info is below, reach out and we can talk. Telegram: WowApp:

Trafficleads2incomeVM Update – Where’s the Email?

Wow, where do I begin? lol

There’s a big shakeup in the Viral Mailer Industry. It’s kind of the elephant in the room right now. Owners are scrambling, sites are moving from one server to another, oh my, what to do?

Let me back up. Over a week ago now, gmail decided to begin blocking lots of bulk email. There was not a lot of rhyme or reason to it. Not everyone has been touched, but my feeling is they will. It’s always about turning lemons into lemonaide.

So instead of fighting city hall, Trafficleads2incomeVM has taken the position of sites like ListNerds. What ListNerds did was make their mailer internal. So instead of clogging up your already clogged email inbox; you get your mail directly from their site. Now, they also have a brilliant system leveraging the HIVE blockchain; which TL2IVM is not quite ready for. But alas, we can say we have at least the Internal Inbox in common plus a paid twist too.

Our twist will be “Pay Per Click”. It will be closely managed and highly monitored to avoid abuse. Instead of paying in crypto; you will be paid in cash with each click you make from the Internal Mailbox. Additional credit packages will be available as your commissions can be used for purchases. Not sure when this will launch, but definitely stay tuned. Unfortunately, we are in the process of rebuilding our email reputation with google/gmail; so there is absolutely no physical email coming from our server right now. In time, we will be able to turn on admin/system notices and updates. In the meantime, watch this blog plus email if you are on my external lists; and I’ll also be putting things on social media.

So all is not lost, when you have vision and a plan!

To your Massive Success and if you’d like to book a coaching appointment with me you can do so HERE.

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Mentor/Coach for Team Massive Success – ghcamry on WOWApp

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