Wake Up Folks!

Hello again to my WordPress, Ctptalk, and Hive friends and TL2IVM Nation!

Don’t let the title scare you, lol. I just wanted to get some content out there today on my feeling and I hope I can get some good engagement. I think this is the beauty of content creation.

Well, since the launch of my MSF 500 product; I have been making myself available in one of the products “by-products”, my voice conference room. It’s the room I call the lobby. So, this AM I tried a Morning Wake Up Call. As I am available most mornings I figured I could make myself available to all my Telegram groups to do stuff like:

  • Just say hi and chit chat
  • Talk about and review their TL2IVM account (Trafficleads2incomeVM) and perhaps answer a question, give some credits, give some guidance, etc.
  • Find out where they see TL2IVM in their online business plan or again guide as how it can fit or be utilized in a variety of ways
  • Maybe talk about another online biz or just stuff going on in the industry


The who knows what of when 2, 3, or 5 people engage in a little chat or hangout.

But alas, no takers today. And that’s ok, I’ll be back tomorrow because that is how I conduct my online business. But wait, tomorrow is Sunday! Ok, So? I am an online business entrepreneur.

I’ll leave you with a funny story. I had a guy whom I was coaching say he wants to make 5k a month to leave his regular job. So I said great, when are you available to start. He said…….

“Well, I work 9-5 Mon – Fri so that is out. When I get home from work I’m tired, so that’s out. On the weekend, since I’m off, I’m tied up relaxing; so I’ll get back to you…”

Ok then, have a nice weekend everyone. What do you say about this? I’d love to read lots of comments and yes, they will be upvoted as I am back in the content creation and curation game! 🙂

To your Massive Success!

 Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Mentor/Coach for Team Massive Success

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The MSF500 Era begins Tomorrow!

MSF500 goes LIVE tomorrow night at 930pm est immediately following our 8pm est webinar. We’ll talk all about it in our Facebook Live. Click HERE for your invite and access info!

The Massive Success Funnel – 500 in Your Pocket

We will talk about a system that gives you the following:

  • A proven lead capture page
  • A proven thank you page
  • A proven email series
  • Training and Support in all aspects of set up
  • Top Tier T1 Paid Traffic
  • Training and Scripts for Follow Up
  • Chat and Voice Rooms for your prospects to Enter
  • Private Rooms for Training and Mentoring
  • Proven Leaders helping close sales and assisting in training your team
  • Personal Coaching on Team Building and Leadership Development
  • Learn How to Start Your Own Coaching Business
  • A Lifetime Upgrade in Trafficleads2incomeVM at the Top Level plus Free Advertising
  • 50% Commissions including up to $500

This is the culmination of my 20 years online. I want to help you earn the kind of living online that I have been able to; so I’m sharing everything and working with you personally. I hope to see you in our webinar and I hope you’ll be part of our After Party Launch!

Login to Trafficleads2incomeVM for a special price on this package but hurry because that ends 5/27/20 at 930pm est

To your Massive Success!

 Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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The Massive Success Funnel

What You Need:

  • Upgraded Membership at Trafficleads2incomeVM CLICK HERE TO LOGIN (Or See Your Sponsor if Not a Member)
  • Upgraded membership at TheConversionPros

Login To Trafficleads2incomeVM above, then select an upgrade option in Step 1. Next, from your Trafficlead2incomeVM account, join Conversion Pros from the Resource Section of the Downline Builder and choose an income stream/primary business from the Income section or add your own. Conversion Pros pays you $25 per month per paid referral so this can become quite lucrative. Trafficleads2incomeVM pays up to 50% commissions on all the purchases of your referrals, including co op share. Couple this with commissions paid from our downline builder partners and we’re talking Multiple Streams of Income!

**Note that the primary component in this funnel is Conversion Pros. If you don’t want to join Conversion Pros take a normal upgrade at TrafficLeads2incomeVM and follow the 7 Training Steps there.**

The Flow:

Your visitor will see the ‘pocket’capture page and fill out the form where they are directed to the NLSfree page and encouraged to join Trafficleads2incomeVM and then take the next step.


The next step takes your visitor to our Telegram Group where they learn about The System and Setting it up. Click HERE to be taken to this group. Just make sure you are a member of Trafficleads2incomeVM.

This guide includes all the shared codes and a video on how to setup the Massive Success Funnel.

With the Massive Success funnel, we are generating subscribers as well as signups for The Conversion Pros, Trafficleads2incomeVM, and your Primary Business that you defined in the downline builder at TL2IVM plus any other entries you have in the DLB.

The Shared Codes:

Auto-Responder NLS prospects – 037b61c3
Initial Capture Page – “pocket”  ebafc055
NLSfree – Shared code: cc57d9e8

The Setup:

Coming soon is a video set up tutorial…

Step 1:

Create the Auto-Responder Campaign (NLS prospects) and copy the code for the follow-up letters

From inside The Conversion Pros members area, on the left side, click on Auto-Responder Builder under the TCP Marketing Suite section.

Click on Create New Autoresponder

Under Label, enter My Prospects and click Submit

Now, still in the Autoresponder section, click on Email series, then from the drop down menu on the Create Message button click on Use Shared Code and paste the AR code in place and click copy (AR code – 037b61c3 )

Step 2:

Edit the Follow-up messages with your personal details

There are 5 messages, each needs your Name and email address at the top as well as your personal signature file (Name, Social Networks, Phone, etc.)

Each letter is different, check each hyperlink in each email and either add your TCP Username or your TL2IVM Username as indicated. Note that you will want to use the link shortener (TinyUrl) in the left column of Conversion Pros for your TL2IVM Referral URL. This will ensure that your emails have the lowest spam rating possible which means they will be delivered right to your prospects inbox!

Once complete, I recommend you go through each email again to verify all changes 

Go back to the Campaign Details and change the status from inactive to active and save!

Step 3:

Create the Capture Page and Bridge Page (Thankyou Page)

The first step is to create the pages then go into each one individually to edit them.

To create the pages, go to the Landing Page Builder under the TCP Marketing Suite.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, if need be, until you see a space to enter a Code and Preview or Create the page.

Enter each code and click Create Page then move on to the next step to edit each page

pocket – 19ec6ce2  (this is the capture page)

NLSfree – Shared code: cc57d9e8 (this is the first redirect where they are introduced to Trafficleads2incomeVM)

Step 4:

Edit the Capture and Bridge Pages

Still in the Landing Page Builder section, we are now going to edit each page. Each page is a little bit different and it would benefit you to watch the Video, you can fast forward to that section 

The Capture Page – pocket

Locate the page called pocket. To the right, you will see an edit button. Click the Edit button.

This opens a new window with your capture page ready to edit.

You will need to replace the username in the redirect url with your TCP username.


Replace ghcamry with YOUR TCP username

Then, under the Mail Campaign section, choose your NLS Prospects campaign that you setup. Make sure the form you choose asks for Name, Email, and Phone Number. By capturing a phone number, you increase your ability to connect with your prospects exponentially!!! Don’t worry, in our Telegram group we’ll cover with you how to follow up with your prospects to make it a fun and easy process for you. Follow Up Training is also provided in Step 7, Trafficleads2incomeVM.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save Lander

The First Page – NLSfree

Go back to the Landing Page Builder and locate Page NLSfree and click edit.

On this page, you are going to edit the links for First Program but not Next Step which are located under the video.

To edit the first link, mouse over the button that says First Step. This will popup a box to the left. On this box, locate the ‘Style A’ tab and click it. This opens a box in the upper left with tabs. Click the link tab.

The link displayed is

You will want to replace that with your TL2IVM Signup URL which is formatted as below.


Close the box

The Next Step button is the link to our Telegram Group so you don’t want to change that. Once in the Telegram Group your prospect will be welcomed and given this exact blog post to get their set up started. Leaders will be standing by to help and support, so they are not alone. Here’s hoping you become one of those leaders!

Once done, click on Save Lander on the left hand menu.

Note: It is recommended that you replace my video with your own custom video but you’ll want to keep the main themes of the video intact.

Your pages are now ready!

Step 5:

Test Your New Funnel!

Load your capture page into your browser and fill out the form. Your initial email may take a while to arrive, as long as you set the Campaign status to active, your first email should arrive within a couple hours.

Once you subscribe, go through each succeeding page and click the buttons to make sure all the links direct to your affiliate pages.

Note – This system will bring you FREE TL2IVM Members so you will want to follow up with them and bring them to our Telegram Chat group if they did not make it on their own. Your personal connection with your prospects coupled with our Support create a winning combination!

Step 6:

Send Traffic to your Capture Page (TL2IVM Traffic Co Op)

You will promote your pocket page:


Use the Training at Trafficleads2incomeVM to get immediate Free Traffic to your page. The only exception is not promoting at TL2IVM since everyone there is already a member. Use a different lead capture page for TL2IVM.

I invite you to use our Traffic CoOp at Trafficleads2incomeVM  HERE.

You can also use Udimi Solo ads or MLM Leads to direct traffic to your new capture page.

Training for these programs can be found under Steps 5-7 in the Trafficleads2incomevm members area and the resources are in the TL2IVM Downline Builder (Resource Area).

To your Massive Success!

Rob Gehring – Leader of Team Massive Success and Owner of Trafficleads2income.com


Skype and Facebook: rob.gehring

Trafficleads2incomeVM Traffic Co Op April Results

Hello Again!

We just completed our Paid Traffic Co Op for April and it was historic! 18 participants shared 2000 paid clicks and here are the results (3/26-4/10):

511 Leads Generated for a 25.5% conversion rate. There were several learnings from this co op.

  1. The lead capture page matters. We saw disappointing results from certain pages while others prospered. I decided to convert the struggling ones to a known working template. (Some had the opportunity to do this, but either passed or just were not plugged into our mentoring group to take heed. Their results were below the curve. If everyone took action, we could have exceeded 30% conversion as a group.) This created a miraculous turnaround so going forward; co op participants who are not in Conversion Pros and are unwilling or unable to move to it will be offered a conversion at no additional cost. In other words, I will convert your page to a top page such as THIS ONE. Huge difference in conversion rate. We saw an increase in some cases of 20%! Incredible!!! This is now a great enhancement for the co op and no one will be left behind and have a chance to get the best results possible.
  2. Thank you page is super important too. We don’t allow generic thank you pages. You will have the opportunity to get a custom thank you page as well if you don’t have one. This allows us to track conversions and get you a signup to your program of choice without waiting for someone to confirm an email address and wait to join from your email series. The difference again in the number of program signups you’ll get is very dramatic.
  3. Follow Up is not just an autoresponder. It is also a call or a text message. How impressive is that to a prospect. We even have the exact message for you to text or say. Coaching is part of what we do!

Top 10 Results (Conversions):

Wayne Randall – 41

Scott Gordon – 40

Simon Loi – 40

Howard Fullmer – 39

Tom Ratcliff, Janet Legere – 38

Rob Gehring -36

Bob Caine – 35

Karalee Johnson, Will Buckley – 34

Congrats to all participants and let’s do it again in May!

If interested in participating, click HERE

To your Massive Success!

 Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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Who was YOUR most influential teacher?

This was a question I posed back in 2017 when I was doing a 30 Day FB Live Challenge. Let’s get this going again! I challenge you content creators out there to do a video and blog post and speak about this. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to give me the link to your content in the comments so I can check it out!

Let’s go back to the 4th Grade and I’ll tell you about my most influential teacher Sister Mark.

At that young age, she was the first person to challenge me and tell me not everything I did was perfect. Her influence was my first wake up call that you can’t just glide to get by. She called things as they were, and as I may not have liked it at the time, it was what I needed and now I’d like to thank her in this blog post and here is the video I did on Facebook in 2017. I hope you enjoy! Good luck in the challenge!

 Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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