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Hello, are you looking for an online earning success plan plus a team and mentor? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I was asked about my online goals for this year. I thought about it and decided to put things in terms of others versus me. I want to take 10+ people, and make then 1k+ monthly earners. That’s it! Would you like to one of them?Buckle up, the team is growing!

So how do we make this happen? 6 easy steps!

  1. It all starts with Trafficleads2incomeVM, You can join HERE or check back with your sponsor/the person who invited you for their link.
  2. Next join our group on WOWAPP. Join from the Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder, Income Section) WOWAPP actually pays you for your activity and donates a portion to charity (Phone App). I am ghcamry there, so connect with me and I’ll add you to our Terrific 10+ Group.
  3. You need a great funnel including lead capture and thank you page (the pocket page!) This page converts at a 40-50% clip in my Paid Traffic Co Op. Add a Big Income Stream GLN with great digital products (Max 1200 per sale) – See Income Section of the Trafficleads2incomeVM downline builder. (Upgrade is optional, but you’ll only earn 10% as a Free Member starting 3/1/21. All In is Recommended – 100% Commissions!) Once in GLN follow the 5 Set Up steps and contact me when you hit Step 6. I’ll be helping you link up our pocket page to your GLN Thank You page and then getting traffic to it. The Share Code for 1200 in your pocket is
    aabf97e6 for Conversion Pros. You can also use another auto responder as one is required. (Build your list!)
  4. Free and Paid Traffic is going into this funnel daily. Trafficleads2incomevm is part of the Free Traffic Strategy and other recommended mailers too plus our Paid Traffic Co Op handles the paid traffic. (1 Share in the Paid Traffic Co Op is Required.) The free traffic funnel lead capture page looks like THIS. (This is a rotator for Terrific 10+ Members. I send my Free Traffic to it daily. Up to 25 Top Viral Mailers!) Note the thank you page is the same so you will need to copy your GLN Thank You page so you I can give you a tracking code for it. So 2 funnels for 2 distinct audiences with the same end result. Members of my Co Op get access to the set ups of both of these funnels.
  5. A mentor that will be available to you as you progress on this journey. Book an appointment today here! (By booking you get a 25% discount on the Traffic Co Op or 50% discount on our MSF500 Plan which gives you training on selling and closing sales.)
  6. Join Viralstacking from the TL2IVM Downline Builder and then CryptoPros from the VS downline builder. As your sponsor to pay it forward for you at CryptoPros to Level 1 as we are in an active Team Build!

So, what do you have to bring to the table?

  1. An open mind and a willingness to see this through till the end of the year.
  2. A willingness to invest as much money and time as you can. If you think you can make 1k+ per month with no investment, I’m not your guy.
  3. Show up daily for work and keep your regularly scheduled appointments with me.
  4. Run at least one Paid Traffic Co Op Share to your pocket page.
  5. Once you qualify, and have set up the Free Traffic Funnel above. You’ll get added to my FREE Traffic Co Op and get daily FREE Traffic too!

So, no hype here, just results and let’s get this going ASAP. If interested, please book an appointment with me HERE and we’ll put a game plan together. Note that this will be a collaborative process.

Join me every Wednesday Night at 8pm est for Online Marketing Mastery where I review the GLN opportunity with you and why you need Big Ticket Income in your marketing funnel. Click HERE for room access.

Here’s to your Massive Success in 2021!

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Mentor/Coach for Team Massive Success

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