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Team Massive Success Update 9/14/22

Focus on your destiny

Yes, look out the window of destiny. What do you see? Do you see bills, stress, uncertainty?

If so, close it. Now open this window. The one above. Yes, that’s right. Blue skies, bluer water, and no stress at all as you glide though another wonderful day in your work at home life.

First thing is first however. Getting started with the right plan. The right team. The right leaders. It begins for you at the TL2ICashMailer. Login or join below:

I have made some changes recently that I think you will like. I will detail them below:

  • Cash Paid for your clicks .005 to .01
  • Removed the Login Spotlight Ads in order to get people into their members area quicker
  • Only 1 offer now comes up for new members. The 14.97 quarterly upgrade. Let me know if you would like that offer reset.
  • The big TL2L and MSFMod Upgrades are now value priced and in the Buy Credits area.
  • We added a killer program to the downliner builder (resource area). It is Satoshi Multiplier and builds on what we have done with the Whizpering Mining plan in Step 5 of Trafficleads2income.

So lot’s of good stuff and I most certainly encourage you to come join us in our WOWapp group and see what all the fuss and income generation is all about. You’ll be glad you did! See your tl2icm downline builder for WOWapp. I am ghcamry there and you can add me as a contact and I’ll add you to the group and get you started on some advanced earnings techniques. Oh yeah, WOWapp pays. Does your messenger?

Rob Gehring – Owner of TL2ICM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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Terrific 10 Online Marketing Team

WowApp and Beyond!

Hello, are you looking for an online earning success plan plus a team and mentor? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I was asked about my online goals for this year. I thought about it and decided to put things in terms of others versus me. I want to take 10+ people, and make then 1k+ monthly earners. That’s it! Would you like to be one of them?

Buckle up, the team is growing!

So how do we make this happen? 3 easy steps!

  1. It all starts with the TL2ICashMailer, You can join HERE or check back with your sponsor/the person who invited you here for their link. Earn Daily just for clicking links in emails in your Cash Mail Inbox! Once you join, just follow the 7 Steps on your Journey to Earning to get your FREE Upgrade!
  2. Next join our group on WOWAPP (Income Section of the TL2IVM Downline Builder). WOWAPP actually pays you for your activity and donates a portion to charity (Phone App). Go to the Earnings area daily and claim your UBI (Universal Basic Income) bonus. I am ghcamry there, so connect with me and I’ll add you to our Earn on WowApp Group or ask your sponsor. WowApp offers many shopping cash back offers. If you are not interested in being an online marketer, WowApp still saves you money on purchases you would make anyway with no rebate.
  3. The following Blog gives you more information about our Team Building Plan called 123. All you need to do is read and take the appropriate action. CLICK HERE for the TEAM 123 BUILD

So, what do you have to bring to the table?

  1. An open mind and a willingness to see this through till the end of the year.
  2. A willingness to invest as much money and time as you can. If you think you can make 1k+ per month with no investment; understand that takes time but you can begin in small steps and scale up!
  3. Show up daily for work and keep your regularly scheduled appointments with me.
  4. Once you qualify, and have joined the TL2ICashMailer; you’ll get added to my FREE Traffic Co Op and get daily FREE Traffic too with your Lead Capture Page you build in Steps 2-4 and the Team Page I build for you as the Thank You page. You also get a FREE Upgrade at the TL2ICashMailer.

So, no hype here, just results and let’s get this going ASAP. If interested, please book an appointment with me HEREand we’ll put a game plan together. Note that this will be a collaborative process.

Join me every Wednesday Night at 8pm edt for Online Marketing Mastery where I review the GLN opportunity with you and why you need Big Ticket Income in your marketing funnel. Click HERE to Register.

Here’s to your Massive Success in 2022 and beyond!

Rob Gehring – Owner of the TL2iCashMailer and Mentor/Coach for Team Massive Success

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Bitcoin “Mining” Mystery Solved

Bitcoin mining
Image Made w/ Canva

The Problem With Bitcoin Mining

Unfortunately mining Bitcoin today is not profitable for the private person. There are large Bitcoin mining farms and they have been impossible to compete with. In case you do not know mining bitcoin works by running special computers that compete with all the other miners to solve these massive math equations that cause the Bitcoin blockchain to operate. These special computers also use a lot of electricity and are especially loud because of the cooling fans.

The other common way to mine for Bitcoin is by purchasing shares from the large Bitcoin mining farms. This can also be risky, no it will not cause your electric bill to rise but some of these farms have shut down without paying what was due to the shareholders.

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Bitcoin Mining Solution

What if I told you that mining Bitcoin can be achieved by doing what you are currently doing every day? I know what you are thinking hey Rob, buddy this sounds too good to be true. I am not trying to heap on the hype either. There are better ways to mine for Bitcoin without running up a crazy electric bill or purchasing special computers.

It is true I have a great Bitcoin mining method that you can start right now today for free. Not to get ahead of myself, but I get really excited about this. There is nothing out there right now that even comes close to this mining strategy. It is free and does not require a lot of time. You may have been told something similar about other crypto-based opportunities but this is less than an hour a day.

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Training is Everything

This is true you need the right training to get this down but the training is also about an hour of your time but after that, your time is your own. Once you get this set up you can have it running without even being home.

I chose Bitcoin to mine because Bitcoin is the King of Crypto. People have made fortunes by riding the Bitcoin roller coaster up and down. With Bitcoin when you are ready to cash out there is no concern about liquidity because of the demand for Bitcoin is the highest in the crypto market.

Please feel free to contact me if you want more information.

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Thank you so much for taking the time.
If you are not getting paid daily my Contact Info is below
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This Has Been An Amazing Launch

TL2ICM Banner

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Thank You All For Your Support

It is very uplifting, and motivational when you put your heart and soul into a site to see everyone show up and take action. The launch spanned from Wednesday, June 1st till June 4th Saturday. At that time we had a bunch of specials and a drawing for 5,000 credits. It would be a waste of time to recap those specials as they may never be seen again.

When inactive members become active, upgraded members are a great way to gauge the new site design and features. This type of action communicates that the site redesign was well worth the expense and effort. 1 million members does a site no good if 100% of them are inactive.

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The Mission Of A Site Owner

Keep it fresh of course. Every site owner is passionate beyond reason about their site. This passion is great because it can become contagious and is a prerequisite for sales. Sometimes this passion can blind us. Honestly, I should have done this site redesign earlier, that is easy for me to admit now, but other improvements got pushed to the front of the line.

The warning sign is a growing number of inactive members. For example, let’s say you have a launch and sign up 1,000 new members during the launch. Months later you notice that your members are starting to become inactive. Every week the inactive member number grows. This is an indication that your member retention is only a few months at best, and is shrinking with every passing week.

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These Numbers Make Me Happy

If I had any musical talent I would sing and dance, because the launch of TrafficLeads2IncomeCashMailer made me toe-tapping happy.

First, I would like to report that we have been averaging about 2,000 clicks per day since June 1st.

Second, we received 200 new member sign-ups, and 58 members took advantage of the promo code.

Third, we had 29 upgrades and sales on the platform.

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The 3 Lucky Winners of 5,000 TL2ICM Credits

Can’t have a launch without a give away so I decided to give 5,000 credits to 3 members.
Congratulations to:

  • Gert Geyser
  • Larry Wentz
  • Heather Dake

You all will see the credits in your account.

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Over All A Great Experience

If you need the type of traffic that gets results, be sure to give my site (TL2ICM URL) a try I have a free level so everyone can experience results regardless of budget limitations.

Thank you so much for taking the time.
If you have any questions, my Contact Info is below
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The Wait Is Finally Over

TL2ICM Banner

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To Celebrate Launch Day

I have created a promo code for 15,000 credits and $5 cash in your TrafficLeads2IncomeCashMailer account. The intention is to provide everyone with a sample of what my site can do. I will be emailing this code to all existing members. It will not be LIVE until 8am est 6/1/22. But you can add it to your promotions or use it as you like.

Site owners are a rare breed because we really put ourselves out there with our creations. My site is my passion because no matter what your online business happens to be, they all need the traffic to create income.

Join me at 8am est till 1045am est 6/1/22 in my conference room for LIVE Launch Updates and Support.

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I Would Like To Thank My Members

After listening to my members’ suggestions for site improvements, I made it my mission to ensure that the new site included an incentive for members to open and click on emails. Free members will receive $0.005 in their commission account, and upgraded members will receive $0.01 for every qualified click.

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Security is a Big Issue

Security really should not be an issue it is not rocket science securing a website in today’s business world is no longer optional. Every page of is secure and you do not have to take my word for it, your browser will confirm what I am saying with that little padlock.

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But Wait There’s More!

Watching those television commercials back in the 70s and 80s the announcer would always yell “But Wait There’s More” maybe because they knew that when the commercials aired people tend to tune out.

  • Last chance for the 500d Lifetime Upgrade with 2 bonus paid traffic co-op shares. This upgrade is a 1000 dollar value but you’ll be able to get it for 50% off from 6/1 – 6/4 at 10 pm est
  • Special Price for our Traffic Co-Op Monthly Upgrade. It’s a 100/mo value; has sold as low as 75/mo. From 6/1 – 6/4 at 10 pm est, it will be featured for 66.77!Note, existing members will see the 500d offer only once per day. They will see the 66.77 offer on each subsequent login that day.
    Last time for the 13.47 quarterly upgrade. This is a 29.97 value over a 3-month span. Comes out to 4.49 per month. From 6/1 – 6/4 at 10 pm est, then, that price is GONE FOREVER!!!Like Free Upgrades? Sure! Follow the instructions on your member’s home page for our Team 123 Breakthrough Upgrade. You just have to be willing to do a bit of work, show up daily, and follow our Income Driving plan.
    So let’s rock this out and to your Massive Success!
  • Oops I almost forgot here is the promo code: 15kand5launch
    (Again, not LIVE until 8am est 6/1/22. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any questions, my Contact Info is below
    reach out and we can talk.

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