Building your Marketing Funnel the Trafficleads2incomeVM Way

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Great Topic, huh? Just like last weeks topic, this weeks topic is again the brain child of Rebecca Stamer, one of our panelist for our Sunday Night Hangout; which coincidentally will be Sunday 5/24/15 at 8:30PM est. You can RSVP for the Event HERE or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE. You can view the hangout from either area. All hangouts are archived on my Youtube Channel, and you can watch LIVE on Youtube HERE or in your Trafficlead2incomeVM backoffice. We will be discussing our topic of thinking outside the box, and how it relates to Trafficleads2incomeVM. Watch below on Youtube!

Here is my take……….

You hear a lot about the marketing funnel, but what is it? Here at Trafficleads2incomeVM, it is having the courage to advertise a list building lead capture page that eventually leads to your primary business, versus advertising your primary business directly. I’ve been doing this successfully for over a decade, but believe me, I was a skeptic at first too. I told my sponsor…….. “So you want me to build my primary business by not advertising it directly? Seriously?” But I said I would try, and the results were very much to my liking; so I decided to show others and teach and train this powerful concept. Let go of your fears and do the following…..

-Go thru my 7 Steps of Success from the members area home page

– Build your lead capture page in steps 3 @ 4

– Understand that you do need an autoresponder, its the heart of your list

– Send all your traffic to your list building lead capture page

– Define your primary business in your profile


:) Hear more from me on this Sunday Night at 830pm est

Coming Soon…….

We are going to be working on adding an in-house autoresponder to Trafficleads2incomeVM which will allow for the capture of your leads and the 5 part email series automatically mailed to your leads on your behalf to get them to join TL2IVM and begin their 7 Steps. Look for this hopefully by 6/1/15.

**Have you completed your 7 steps to success? If not, what are you waiting for. 10000 credits and $10 Cash Await! Once your Training is complete, make sure you are using ours and other great mailers to build your list and income.**

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See you on the hangout!

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of RobsNetworkers and Trafficleads2incomeVM

Skype:  rob.gehring

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9 thoughts on “Building your Marketing Funnel the Trafficleads2incomeVM Way

  1. Rebecca Stamer

    Hey Rob,

    Great blog! Fear is the downfall of all business and overcoming fear leads to great things. Using a funnel system not only offers the opportunity to build your list, then your business – but it also allows you to brand yourself – being creative and placing a part of you into the process. A Win-Win system for everyone!

  2. Nick Grimshawe

    learning the basics of list building is an important skill and understanding how the funnel here works, and the use of lead capture pages and an auto responder to create that list is great training. I’m looking forward to tonight.


  3. Shirley Schwarz

    Rob you are always so helpful and generous.
    Your trainings are super and I have learned
    so much from you. Your TL2IVM is truly the
    best marketing system out there.
    You are also so generous in your giving of
    codes for credits.
    Thank you.

  4. Mary Duff

    Having a funnel is so important to all we do online and using the autoresponder to feed that funnel is the only way we are going to build our list and get people to the funnel. Thanks Rob fr make the TL2IVM a awesome program and easy to learn and do.

  5. Shirley Schwarz

    The presentation tonight was great.
    Fear, “stepping out of the box” and
    comfort zone all goes together.
    Even the branding is letting go of all
    of that. Using the lead capture page
    and autoresponder is new to everyone
    at some point in their life…look at
    all the folks that have overcome that!!
    So….you can do it too.
    Shirley Schwarz (twirlylou)

  6. Carlos Loureiro

    Hi Rob,

    Just watched the replay of the hangout and it was a great one.

    Building a list using the funnel system is the only way everyone should be building their business! Once you get people on your list and you connect with them, you then have the ability to control traffic to your site using your autoresponder.

    Have a great week!

  7. Kathy DeNormadie

    It’s is refreshing to see that the owner of a mailer works hard to bring great content to his members. This give me a lot of confidence in devoting my time to promotion both of my primary business and Traffic Leads Income.

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