Trafficleads2incomeVM Black Friday Specials!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Your Black Friday Specials run thru Mon 12/1  11:59pm


149.97 for a Lifetime Upgrade in Trafficleads2incomeVM. Here’s what you get:

***50% Commissions, Free Credit Refills, Unlimited Lead Capture Pages in the Trafficleads2income List Building System***


Commissions have been increased to 70% for JV and TL2L Members, 50% for Graduates, 30% for UnderGrads thru 12/1, 11:59pm est.


Trafficleads2leverage Free Lifetime Upgrade in Trafficleads2incomeVM and Upgrades at 3 other sites and PureLeverage $1 for 30 Days!!!   Click Here


Promo email that you can use found in Affiliate Tools.

 Promo Code:   Thanksgiving  (Double Promo if you Skype me at rob.gehring)


Have a Blessed Day…..Rob

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2 thoughts on “Trafficleads2incomeVM Black Friday Specials!

  1. Mike Carr

    Hi Rob,

    I just checked out the Trafficleads2Leverage system. You did a great job explaining how to do the setup. It is the best and easiest one to follow I ever saw. Also, these specials are great.


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