Trafficleads2incomeVM 7 Steps of Training Updates

Hello Again!

Have you completed your 7 Step Success/
List Building Training? If not, login
and check it out!

Note that each of the 7 Steps now holds
a credit and/or cash value. Completion
of 7 Steps is now worth 10000 ad credits
and $10 Cash. With a minimum payout of
$25, this puts you well on your way or
may put you over the top!

See a previous blog for more promo codes.

More Promo Codes

Updates from 2/21/15:

– Promo codes are followed by where to enter then (7 Steps).

– 2 Vids added in Steps 2 and 4 for GVO Members on how to Add a Campaign, Import Letters, and Create Form Code.

– Referral Frenzy added to the Downline Builder

I hope you enjoy your training and let us know if you have any questions. Join us  Sunday 2/22/15 at 830PM est for our Sunday Night Conference. Click here for room access.

See you soon!

Rob Gehring – Admin/Owner of TL2IVM

Skype:  rob.gehring

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