Trafficleads2incomeVM Introduces a Traffic Co-Op

Hello again!

I’d like to proudly announce the creation of a Traffic Co-Op for Trafficleads2incomeVM Members.

Below is a webinar I hosted where I explained how my traffic co op works.

Here’s how it works:

A. Login to Trafficleads2incomeVM. (Check with your sponsor/coach for their link if not a member.)

B. Click on Buy Credits on the Left Menu and Choose either Lifetime MSF or Recurring Co-Op.

Click Traffic CoOp Recurring with Top Level Upgrade to get our Top Level TL2L Upgrade plus a monthly share in the Traffic CoOp! Click HERE to see what the upgrade entails.
Additional shares will be 50/mo for you. See me, Rob Gehring, for payment arrangements.

If you choose the MSF 500 Package you get 2 FREE Bonus Shares so that is 2 months of FREE Traffic plus a Top Level Upgrade at TL2IVM so you never have to pay for anything again except your traffic. Additional shares will be 50/mo for you. See me, Rob Gehring, for payment arrangements.

The more folks that come in, the lower the price per click will be. We are currently at 36 cents per click which is ROCK BOTTOM PRICING for Paid Traffic that is Top Tier and highly responsive.

If you book a consultation with me I can offer you a 25% discount on MSFMOD or the Traffic Co Op (TL2L). Book your appointment HERE.

C. Send me your lead capture page via Support Ticket from FAQ/Ask Admin on the left menu. A TL2IVM lead capture page made from the 7 Steps can be converted into a special page (See Below). This funnel can be customized to any opportunity and converts between 40-50% historically in the traffic co op.

If you like this set up (called Pocket ) and you want to host it yourself, go to your Trafficleads2incomevm backoffice and click on Downline Builder/Resources/TheConversionPros to join/update your referral ID. If you want to use another autoresponder than TCP and me to host your page, that is fine too. Either way, follow the set up guide HERE.

Your Thank You Page also must be able to accept my special tracking. It gets inserted in the header of the Thank You Page. See me for the code if you are hosting your own page. My telegram ID is robgehring

The Thank You Page is the page the subscriber goes to after the lead capture form is filled in. Remember, you can use your TL2IVM Thank you page, your “pocket” thank you, or any page of your choosing provided you can place the tracking code on the Thank you/Landing page. As mentioned above if you complete a 7 Step Funnel Set Up at TL2IVM I can convert your TL2IVM Lead Capture page into our “Pocket” creation and utilize your TL2IVM Thank you page.

D. Join our Telegram Group in Step E (if you are not already there) below for additional support in your traffic and lead generation journey. Part of being in this co-op is the opportunity to get training and support from myself and our team. There is strength in numbers in this co-op in so many ways! See you on the inside!!!

E. Let’s review the steps. Pay – Send Support Ticket with Lead Capture Link after adding tracking code to your landing page and chat with us at our Telegram Group. If you don’t have a custom funnel, choose one of the options presented in Step C above. Our group on Telegram has actual Co Op participants, one being premier marketer Janet Legere of CLBLearning and another Jon Olson and Blain Jones of ClickTrackProfit. Click HERE to gain access.

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM

Skype and Facebook: rob.gehring, Telegram: @robgehring, Twitter: @robsnetworkers

P.S. Promote the Co Op and earn up to 60% commissions which can be used to purchase a Co Op share. A swipe email can be found in the Affiliate Toolbox Area of Trafficleads2incomeVM, Step 5. If you are sending it to your TL2IVM downline, replace your referral url with the Telegram Group link since they are already members of T2IVM.

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11 thoughts on “Trafficleads2incomeVM Introduces a Traffic Co-Op

  1. Janet Legere

    Love this coop, such a GREAT idea, Rob. Thank you for administering it. My first share brought me 45 leads, 4 NLS Free members and 3 TCP Tour takers. I’m sold!

  2. Shawna Smith

    This Co-op that you set up, Rob, makes life so much easier for me. Traffic has always been a problem for me, but not anymore! I believe I’m on my third share so far and this last run I saw 52 leads, 11 Team2Profit Members, and 1 NOWLifestyle Free Member. Thanks Rob!

  3. elizabeta ramsak

    Hello everyone.I am in Robs COOP for a week now and i have 38 subscribers.How cool is that.I love videos training.Rob is real nice guy and follow him was best thing i done for getting leads.
    We all know how hard is to get leads this days,
    I was strugling a lot times but now i see result and i think anyone that is serius in email marketing should use one,

  4. Mark Smith

    I’m just here to review this post. I don’t think I can comprehend much of it right now but I’m sure I’ll be reading it again soon, after I’ve had some sleep.

  5. Demetri Bryant

    weedermann was here.

    May join your coop at some future time when the shekels are flowing more freely. Still wondering why you aren’t crediting your affiliates with “Explorer Rank” points on ClickTrackProfit.

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