Sundays are for Massive Marketing and FREE Upgrades!

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You can check out a previous hangout below, where we discussed our Massive Marketing System and how one can earn 5k+ a month from the comfort of their home. Our hangouts are Sundays at 830pm estYou can RSVP for an Event HERE or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE. You can view the hangout from either area. When you view from Google Plus, you go have the option of asking questions of the panel. All hangouts are archived on my Youtube ChannelSince we’ve completed all the basic setup components of MMS, Sundays now are an opportunity meeting for MMS as you can bring guests that can learn about this powerful system. All attendees will receive a FREE 30 Day Graduate Upgrade in Trafficleads2incomeVM! Already upgraded? You’ll be able to request 1000 Bonus Credits! On Thursdays at 11am est we have our Club Shop Rewards meeting. You are welcome to attend as well! If any of the above days/times change notifications will be sent.

Here is a promo code for reading this weeks blog:  816opportunityghz7

More promo codes are  HERE

See you on the hangouts!

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of RobsNetworkers and Trafficleads2incomeVM

Skype:  rob.gehring

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