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October 2018
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Massive Marketing Success


Welcome to the Massive Marketing Success System! (Formerly Trafficleads2leverage)


Step 1

Join me in TrafficLeads2IncomeVM HERE, which is the first step in setting up your list building lead capture page. (TrafficLeads2IncomeVM is a viral mailer, which means you can advertise via email to their members. It also has a lead capture page system.) 

Now go to your downline builder in Trafficleads2incomeVM and join Club Shop Rewards, taking the 30 Day Free Partner Trial.

As a 30 Day Free Trial Partner in ClubShop, and as you see your team grow right before your eyes; you’ll want to upgrade as a full partner. As a full partner on my team, you will be requesting a TL2L Lifetime Upgrade at Trafficleads2incomeVM later on in training. At this point, this is where your training intensifies! Go to our Team Training Page HERE if you have upgraded to Partner or HERE if you are still a Trial Partner. With all of this going on, you’re going to be tempted to start advertising. Make sure that you have gone thru the first 4 Partner Training Courses in Club Shop Rewards before you begin MMS. When you are ready, I suggest the branded lead capture page that I discuss below.



The Massive Marketing Success system is a method I am using to promote a branded splash/squeeze page for ClubShop. The reason you would want to use a page like this is you gain additional credibility when your page is unique and personal. In other words, not just another company page.


Is $5000 a month possible? Yes, but it does not happen overnight as this is not a get rich quick. Actually, there is no such thing as a get rich quick. See the 10 Star Crown Ambassador Level on the ClubShopRewards compensation plan HERE. See the video below for my plan to make the dream of income replacement a reality. Live life on your own terms! Other elements of income from this plan can be derived from Trafficleads2incomeVM, GVO/Host Then Profit/Pure Leverage, and Referral Frenzy…all in the Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder!

Step 2

Follow the 7 Step Marketing System in Trafficleads2incomeVM. You are going to need an autoresponder and what I’m about to show you gives you that plus an Authority Blog and a Voice Conference Room! To get your autoresponder, join HostThenProfit in your Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder.

Once in, upgrade to PureLeverage inside your HostThenProfit Backoffice; then upgrade to Reseller so that you become commission qualified.
Complete the first 3 steps of the system at Trafficleads2incomeVM, then stop.
You will find the steps listed below the video on the Home Page after you first log in to the members area.

Go to your Profile at Trafficleads2incomeVM. Where it indicates AutoResponder, enter your referral url for HostThenProfit.  Where it asks for Primary Business, place your version of this post from your Trafficleads2leverage Authority Blog. (Don’t worry, you’ll be creating the blog later.) The blog link is formatted as:

This blog link also serves as your referral URL for TrafficLeads2Leverage (Massive Marketing System – MMS).

The AutoResponder link is formatted as:

(In most cases your HostThenProfit and PureLeverage Usernames should be the same.)

Go to the Downline Builder at TrafficLeads2IncomeVM and add your HostThenProfit, Trafficleads2leverage (MMS), and ClubShopRewards Usernames; then Update. Use your GVO/PureLeverage ID for Trafficleads2leverage (MMS). Request your special TL2L Upgrade by sending a support ticket via the FAQ area of your Trafficleads2incomeVM backoffice. (Include your PureLeverage and ClubhopRewards user ids in the message, as this offer is open only to my upgraded members of PureLeverage or ClubShopRewards.) The upgrade is Lifetime and puts your referral page on our main domain ( plus you earn 50% commissions, can create unlimited lead capture pages, and you receive daily credit refills. You will have access to the download area for the content of your My-Trafficleads2leverage Blog too.

At this point please follow the instructions laid out here in TrafficLeads2Leverage, not the instructions at the PureLeverage site. If you don’t, you’ll get confused and we don’t want that! 🙂

(Reminder: Your TrafficLeads2Leverage/MassiveMarketingSuccess Username is your PureLeverage Username.)

Now go back to your PureLeverage back office.

Inside PureLeverage, go to Level 1 Marketing Suite/AutoResponder.

Click on Campaigns and choose List from the drop down menu. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter this code in the Top Box: CAc5A552CcCb


Click on Get Campaign and you will be taken to your campaign setup.

Replace website URL in the setup (Company Settings) with your blog post link (You will be creating this blog post in a minute, instructions below.)

Now click Forms, then Click on Create Form. For the Thankyou Page choose Custom URL, then place your thankyou page link in the box for both Thank you Page and Already Subscribed Thankyou Page.

Your thankyou page is provided by TrafficLeads2IncomeVM and the link looks like this: (replace the number with your id number from TL2IVM).

Uncheck the Double Opt-In box, Check the Skype Field as Visible, and click Create. The Campaign will be named MMS, not TL2L.

Setting up your form inside PureLeverage

Now click the HTML button (the 3rd button from the left). This will create a popup with your form code HTML code, which you will need later. Keep this handy as we move to Trafficleads2incomeVM. Campaign Name is MMS not TL2L.

form list

Now go back to TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.

The next piece of business is creating your Lead Capture Page. Back to Step 4 in TL2IVM, Paste your Form Code in the box indicated and Click Save My Autoresponder Code. Click Create New Lead Capture Page, choose your template, and name your page MMS. Now select your new page from the dropdown menu and edit it just like this: (If you are not using an autoresponder, you can replace the #AUTORESPONDER# code with your Club Shop Referral Link for a page like this.

While you are here, edit your thankyou page as well, adding a link to your My-TrafficLead2Leverage blog post so your subscriber can follow the steps.

2014-11-23_0953Now go back to PureLeverage.

Back in PureLeverage, create your own blog post like this one you’re reading which will be used in your followup emails.

You can simply copy and paste my example blog post as a new Blog post and then make sure to edit the info/links as necessary. Or you can download a text file from the Downloads area at TrafficLeads2IncomeVM, which will have all your links pre-filled, and paste this straight into your blog to instantly create a blog post like this, complete with screenshot images. (You will find easy instructions for this inside the Downloads page at TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.)

Save it and be sure to name it my-trafficleads2leverage. Test it before you advertise/use it!

Tip: When setting up links in your Blog, always choose the option to open up in a new window which is also known as Target _blank.

Now go to PureLeverage Autoresponder:

Finally, in order for your emails to be complete you need to go to PureLeverage and click on Level 1 Marketing Suite/Autoresponder.

Make sure you have your TL2L campaign selected. Now click on Global Fields under Campaigns.

global fields

Scroll Down and place your Trafficleads2incomeVM ID (numeric) as Global1, my-trafficleads2leverage as Global 2, and your PureLeverage username for Global 3. Click Update.

An example of where Global 2 and 3 are used is the link to this very page! It will populate correctly in your emails. Add your Club Shop ID as Global 4.

RECAP: Your Trafficleads2Leverage page is done. It will do the following:

Give you a special list building lead capture page that will bring people to your TL2I/Pure Leverage System, where they will have all the tools and support to build their own TL2I and PureLeverage downline.

Step 3

Follow Steps 5-7 in TrafficLeads2IncomeVM in order to get Traffic to your new Lead Capture Page, which will build your list, build your PureLeverage Downline, build your TrafficLeads2IncomeVM Downline and ultimately build your Income! Referral Frenzy is a HUGE resource mentioned in Step 5 at TL2IVM which drives traffic to your splash/lead capture page funneling leads into your ClubShop Business. Join from the Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder. Additionally, if you are looking for a great promotional email for MMS, see your Affiliate ToolBox Area in Trafficleads2incomeVM, Step 5, Subject: Introducing the Massive Marketing System (MMS)

Note: Check your Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder for our Partner sites that have added TrafficLeads2Leverage to their sites. Make sure you update your downline builders at these sites.

Some are also offering a FREE Upgrade for TL2L Skype/Facebook Group Partners. They are indicated in the downline builder with the ***Upgrade*** indicator. Request your Upgrade by sending a support ticket to these sites after you join and give them your TL2L Lead Capture Page and TL2L Blog URL. More great partner owners to come!

Skype me at rob.gehring for entry into our Skype Group.

Here is our Facebook Group. Click here to request entry.

Here’s to your success!

Robert Gehring


Skype: rob.gehring

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