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Meeting a Mentor – Part 4 of My Online Journey

Hi Again! Click┬áHERE for Part 3 of the story if you missed it. Sorry, that’s the only pic of Dick that I could find. Funny how the web and time just wipes you away. This thing was HUGE in the late 90’s, first part of the new millennium.

Still on the DHS Topic, a little after the shake up described in Part 3 I was still part of the organization when I heard that the Owner Dick Burke was going to be at the Springhill Suites here in Pittsburgh. Man, this was great, I was going to meet the man that founded this legendary organization and he was going to give me all the get rich tips so I could quit me 9-5. Now granted, in 1999 and 2000 I was flying high with a major retailer and was named Manager of the Year both years and it was looking like I’d be moving into Senior Management and maybe a Store Manager position in due time. But heck, I’d rather work from the comfort of my home, right? ­čÖé

So, I went to the conference and boy, I was nervous. I didn’t really know what to say to anyone. I was especially nervous to say anything to Dick. Maybe I was star struck? I don’t know??? Eventually I warmed up a little and I listened to everything he said and took copious notes. Boy, this stuff is great. I am going home to apply it! Then he said something that changed my online life. We were chatting in the lobby with a few other VIPs and DIck said…“You know, building this business has really been great. It’s given me kind of like a mailing list. You know, except email addresses not paper in a rollodex. I never had that when I just had downlines.” I chuckled politely, then went home and woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

Holy Mother of GOD. Build your list first, not someone else’s!

Ok, am I saying I invented this idea? Maybe. LOL. You will see soon what I did with this information as now it was time to exit DHS and go build my own brand. Mentors can give you great tips. Thanks Dick!

Just as an aside, DHS is now Club Shop Rewards and I am in like my 3rd stint with them in a fairly passive position. You can check them out here, especially if you like to earn rewards from online shopping. They also have a crypto called Tangicoin. Jon Olson, if you are reading this, look it up. Until next time…

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