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My First Upgrade and Commission

Hi Again! This is part 2 of my online journey. Prior to 1999 I can’t remember too much of what I did online. I was married in 1996 and it was around this time that I discovered the internet/world wide web via Netscape. My wife has a work account, and allowed me to use it. So I went, OMG this is freaking awesome. I played around with some stupid stuff for awhile but then got to thinking, perhaps I can make money with this???

My first idea was Think and Link. I was going to make you think daily, then provide you with affiliate links you could go to. I think it could have worked, but the execution sucked so I scrapped it. I then found DHS Club and Dick Burke was my first mentor. I became a VIP for 25 bucks a month and at that time had to run it by my wife. Needless to say she was very skeptical and said, you better get that money back!!! Well, I was motivated for sure as you don’t want to waste the family’s money, right? So I did everything I could to get referrals. Most famously I used AOL Messenger to get chatting with other AOL members and then would drop a link. I learned how to connect first, then eventually drop the link after making the common mistake of doing that before gaining know/like/trust. This method, over the years, on various platforms has earned me alot of commissions. I actually have a training called the Simple Art of Recruiting on the subject.

A little bit of time passed and a check came in the mail, for $10! My first commission! I have it framed somewhere and have taken pics of it but probably not going to be able to find it so here is a recreation, lol

Image result for commission check

Now, the great part of the story that the skeptical wife started to soften up. And this line she uttered, I’ll never forget. “I have to give you credit, as it seems you made this money from air. You created it!” So yes, my entrepreneurial fire was stoked. And I thought, what else can I create from air. I understood affiliate programs and how to make money from them, so what’s next. Tune in next week to find out! ­čÖé

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