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Club Shop Team Massive Success Funnel

Welcome to Club Shop

My name is Rob Gehring and my sponsor in Club Shop is Scott Cunningham. We are excited to help you grow this business.

On this page, you will find instructions to create an Auto-responder campaign, a Lead Capture page and a Landing Page to introduce your visitors to Club Shop. First, a bit about what Club Shop is.

What’s This Business In A Few Words?

This business is straightforward and compelling: with GPS you have your online international shopping mall, with thousands of big-name stores inside.

Moreover, the GPS also provides you with an automated marketing system that, over the months and years to come, starting today, will continue to increase the base of potential customers for your mall, from anywhere in the world.

Every time any shop inside your mall sells something, you earn a commission. Among these millions of products and services, you earn commissions even on every GPS sold.

The automated business building and optimization system is what makes it all unique and compelling.

Not a member of Club Shop yet?  You can learn more here

Creating a Funnel For Club Shop

Below are step by step instructions to create your Club Shop Funnel which begins with the Capture page and redirects to a Landing Page.

Here is the Capture Page:

Here is the Landing Page: (Redirect from the Capture Page above)


  1. Signup for  and Login to The Conversion Pros
  2. Create Your Auto-Responder Campaign (Shared Code)
  3. Create Your Capture Page and Landing Page
  4. Test & Advertise Your Capture Page

Signup for and Login to The Conversion Pros

Signup for The Conversion Pros here and Get a 14 day FREE Trial. NOTE: Please contact your Club Shop sponsor and ask for their link before joining.

Login to The Conversion Pros

Click Here to Login

Setup Your Auto-Responder Campaign

  • Click on Auto-Responder
  • The Click on New Campaign
  • Give the Campaign a name ie: Club Shop Leads
  • Enter the Auto-Responder Share Code:  6cb7ebaa
  • Enter a description ie: Club Shop Leads
  • Click Save thenClick All Campaigns in the upper left to get to the main campaign page, click View in the far right of your New Campaign then click Campaign Details and choose Active from the campaign drop down and press save.

Editing Your Messages

You will need to edit each message with your personal details and personal URL. You will need to check all 15 messages for content and links.

From the Auto-responder section

  • Click on your Club Shop Leads Campaign
  • Click Email Series
  • On email #1, click edit
  • Edit any details that need changing
  • Click Save
  • Go to the next message and click edit
  • Edit any details that need changing
  • Repeat above for the rest of the messages (15)

Capture Page Setup

Click on Page Builder

You will setup both pages first then edit them

  • Click on Create Page
  • Click on Use Share Code
  • Enter the codes below, one at a time, Saving after each one.
    • Capture Page (pocketshop) Share Code  538b6c71  
    • Landing Page (joinclubshop) Share Code d6928681

You may need to refresh the Page Builder Page to see your new pages.

Editing Your Pages

Under Page Builder, locate the pocketshop page and

  • Click Edit on the right side
  • On the form, click on Edit Content
  • Where it shows the redirect URL, change the username from ghcamry to YOUR TCP Username
  • Under Mail Campaign, from the drop down menu, choose the Campaign you just setup for Club Shop
  • Click Save 
  • Click Save Lander

Under Page Builder, locate the joinclubshop page

  • Click Edit on the right side
  • Mouse over the content that says: Janet Legere invites you to take advantage of this offer.
  • Click on Edit Content
  • Change Janet Legere to YOUR NAME
  • Click Stop editing
  • Mouse over Start for Free Now
  • Click on Style A – a pop up will appear
  • Click on Link
  • Enter YOUR Club Shop URL ie:  <<<Your URL will be different!
  • You will find your Club Shop affiliate URL under the Invite Friends section on the Dashboard of Club Shop.
  • Click Stop Editing
  • Click Save Lander

Testing Your Pages

From the Page Builder Page, locate your Capture Page (pocketshop)

  • Click on Get Link.
  • Copy the link and paste it into your browser
  • Fill out the form and make sure you are redirected to your joinclubshop page
  • On the joinclubshop landing page, check the Join Now Link and make sure it’s going to YOUR Club Shop page
  • Check your inbox that you received your follow up message

Getting Traffic

Now that your page is complete, you will need to advertise your page. I recommend my Traffic Co Op which you can read more about HERE.

NOTE: You will give me your pocketshop page to add to my co op rotator.

Rob Gehring – Club Shop Coach and Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM