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March 2019
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Best Advertising Resources January Edition

Here are my advertising results from 12/3/17 – 1/1/18 Using

This is part a my Free Advertising Strategy I teach at Trafficleads2incomeVM.

The link used is:   My Trafficleads2incomeVM Lead Capture Page

I use Referral Frenzy to blast my ads every morning. This takes less than 5 minutes! Note that Lead Magnet, Mister […]

Referral Frenzy Mastermind Sunday 12/3 @ 8pm est

When my good friend Marty Petrizza asked me to host a Mastermind for Referral Frenzy and Super Tools, I didn’t have to think for a second! What a NO Brainer!!! I have been a member for many years, and I have to say Referral Frenzy is the one tool in my marketing arsenal that […]

Limited Spots Left for a Life Changing Opportunity

Happy Easter! I hope you had a blessed time with family and friends, they are everything in this world!!! Below is the Facebook Live Video I did yesterday, I want to help others reach the level of success that I have, but I can only work with so many at one time:

So if you […]

Why is trust so important?

Hey there! This weeks Blog Post is, coincidentally enough, the same as my Facebook Live 30 Day Challenge Video today. Roll the tape!

Trust is earned not a given. Trust happens not in a moment, but in a lifetime of doing the right thing; whether someone is looking for not. Trust is built […]

Create a CLEAR PATH to Your Success!

Avoid mistakes that block the Path to Business Success…



Hi Again! In today’s episode, I want to talk about creating a clear path to your business success. Think of this as vision, but please make sure it is your marketing vision, not someone else’s. It important to educate yourself and learn […]