Referral Frenzy Mastermind Sunday 12/3 @ 8pm est

When my good friend Marty Petrizza asked me to host a Mastermind for Referral Frenzy and Super Tools, I didn’t have to think for a second! What a NO Brainer!!!

I have been a member for many years, and I have to say Referral Frenzy is the one tool in my marketing arsenal that I use EVERY DAY. Imagine being able to mail to over 100 Mailers in one shot. I know, truly incredible!

How about being able to assign credits to your favorite Traffic Exchanges, Banners, and Text Ads; again, all from one site!

So come join us tomorrow night at 8pm est and I’ll show you how these tools can transform your business.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join Referral Frenzy HERE

  2. Login

  3. Click the Referral Frenzy Mastermind button and enter our Skype Group where the Webinar link will be revealed prior to the session.

I recommend you Upgrade to Pro and purchase the Super Tools or you can wait till after the presentation as I am sure you will want to secure them ASAP.

I’ll leave you with a funny story. A few years ago I did an Interview with Dan Moses which I promoted as well. I set up a promotion this AM for the Referral Frenzy Mastermind using the same template. After editing I hit send and then realized I did not change the URL! OOOPS. So it goes to show you even an experienced marketer can make a BOO BOO from time to time. I resend the corrected copy and figured it would add some flavor to this blog. For reading it, enter the Promo Code Robsbooboo for 5000 Bonus Credits at Trafficleads2incomeVM!

Oh, and there will be Prize Giveaways for those in attendance so be sure you get your seat as the room only hold 100 people.

Have a Great Weekend and hope to see you tomorrow!

Rob Gehring  – Owner and Admin of Trafficleads2incomeVM


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