Thanksgiving Madness 2017

Hi Again!

Yes, it is Black Friday…starting Today!

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Its that time again, do you believe it! Time to carve the Turkey, spend time with Family and Friends, and get those crazy deals! Trafficleads2incomeVM is no different, offering this year a 74.97 Lifetime Upgrade to the TL2L Level to ALL Membership Levels! (Except of Course those enjoying the highest level available in TL2IVM!) Why is this such a special deal? Well, this is the third annual event where we are allowing TL2IVM members to go straight to this level without moving to JV first. A JV Lifetime Upgrade currently sells at 124.97. The TL2L Upgrade then is an additional 249.97. So your total Black Friday  savings is about 300 Dollars! This is truly a RARE special deal with great savings, no HYPE on this!!!


We decided also to increase the value of the Upgrade, check these highlights out:

*10000 Credits PER DAY every day you log in

*Mail to All Members every 4 hrs versus 6 hrs

*Earn 40 Credits Per Click of member emails versus 25 Credits.

* Increased Dynamic Surfing Ratios. Up to 50 Credits per Click!

More information about the TL2L Level can be found HERE.


So, if you market anything online you can promote it at Trafficleads2incomeVM. If you are a new marketer and need training, then our 7 Steps to Success are for you. With the TL2L Upgrade, you get full access to this awesome training that helps you set up a lead capture page and drive FREE Traffic to it. These leads can then be presented to the offer of your choosing; hence, driving income into your wallet!


***The Black Friday Sale starts Saturday 11/18/17 – Monday 11/27/17 1159pm est. All Levels (outside of TL2L) will see the 74.97 TL2L Deal on every login.***

Also check out the downline builder at Trafficleads2incomeVM. It is divided into categories and also give you the opportunity to add and hide programs based on your member level. Check it out and check the Income Area for a $1 Trial in Aspire/Digital Altitude which offers the earning potential very few opportunities do. This opens up a Breakthrough Level Upgrade at TL2IVM for FREE! Login to Trafficleads2incomeVM HERE

Finally, we have begun deactivating members who have not logged into their accounts nor have sent an email. This has brought the active member count to 12988. Just as a Historical Note, the first mailing was sent from Trafficleads2incomeVM on 10/15/13. The birth of Trafficleads2income was  2009-11-30 21:26:25.

Thank for reading this update…your promo code for 5000 bonus credits is  thanksgiving2017

Have a GREAT and SAFE Holiday!

P.S. Just a quick note that I will be hosting a Referral Frenzy mastermind training on Sunday 12/3/17 at 8pm est. Get more information about this over at Referral Frenzy which is listed in the Trafficleads2incomeVM downline builder in the Mailer area.


P.S. II  Check the Affiliate Toolbox Area for an email swipe to use for this promotion!


Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Traffifleads2incomeVM and the Massive Marketing Success System

Skype:   rob.gehring

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