Team Building 101 – Why New Members Fail

So you just joined a new online business, what do you do? Have you ever exhibited any of these behaviors?


– No reply to the welcome email your sponsor sent.

– Did not read the company welcome.

– Cannot be reached by email, phone, skype, or facebook.

– Unengaged in forum, skype group, facebook group, or other community type venue.


Watch my video and let me know what you think.



Don’t let this be you…ENGAGE!




Rob Gehring

Your Massive Success Coach


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11 thoughts on “Team Building 101 – Why New Members Fail

  1. Tom Keithley

    This gives me some encouragement. I like what you did here; but you have a lot more experience at this

  2. Mary Dent

    This was me up until about a month ago. I isolated myself, didn’t engage at all. There’s no way this can happen with you and your Massive Success Team.. I often wonder where you find the time to speak to us individually or in the group sessions are so on the ball. I wasn’t even looking for a new business and here I am .. down to you Rob!

  3. Rob Gehring

    Thanks Mary. Your transformation is evident and will translate into massive success over time. Thanks for the kind words. I make time to work with the team, as that is one of the roles of a team leader. I learned this from the Team Building formula, which is part of the 6 Figure Builder upgrade which is highly recommended for transformation learning which leads to transformational earning.

  4. Nick Grimshawe

    Witness protection program. Now I know what is happening to my new sign ups.

    Seriously, I agree with what you say. One of my goals is always to get someone to engage with me. I’m more than happy to engage with others even through I’m really not an extrovert.

    Most of my big successes online come from the people I’ve had the most engagement.


  5. Victor Courville

    Thanks for the video, I know i’m guilty for some of this. Because i’m online just part-time and i’m online only 2 or 3 hours in the evening. I am central standard time, I am online from 6pm to 9pm. I have a fulltime job and get up very early in the morning. So, there are times people have webinars late nights and i cannot attend. But I have been trying to make money online a couple of years now, and just haven’t connected with the right sponsor i guess. Every sponsor I have had, I never hardly heard from them and didn’t get the help. Thanks again for the awesome video.

  6. Rob Gehring

    Thanks for the kind words Victor. Great perspective and I’m here to tell you that I can offer you as much help as you need to achieve your goals. Let’s connect this week and get a success plan started for you. Are you on Facebook or Skype?

  7. Rob Gehring

    That is correct Nick, engagement increases your results a thousand fold. The more you engage, the better things are in a multitude of disciplines.

  8. Bob Swetz

    Great video Rob. It’s extremely frustrating when you are trying to help new team members and they don’t respond to any communication. Staying plugged in is extremely important.

  9. nealgraham

    When you have such a big team to draw on their knowledge and experience, you don’t need to have that knowledge and experience yourself. Just ask the team what ever you don’t understand, whatever you don’t think you can properly explain to a prospect, how to use Lead Capture Pages (LCP), how to use Sales Funnels, and so forth. That’s what is so great about having a dynamite team, even people who are BRAND NEW online and have never done anything related to building a business let alone building a business online! You can accomplish almost anything when you have a great team backing you up!

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