Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

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Remember this song?



I was at the U2 Concert in Pittsburgh Wednesday Night, and this great song reminded me of many marketers I know. They have been joining business after business for year but “still haven’t found what they’re looking for”. Will they ever? Perhaps not? Will you? I hope so! Read on!

So I am embarking on building my second tap root; this time for my good friend Martin Bigler. The last tap root placed 11 paid marketers in one vertical line; earning thousands in commissions! INCREDIBLE!!!

So perhaps you have not found what you are looking for in a mentor, in what you are earning, in your overall success online…but maybe the song is about to end and so is your DROUGHT…ARE YOU READY TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION? Ready to learn how to build an audience, get leads from the audience, and make sales? Ready to do all this while a team is built under you? If so, investigate below my name to find what you’re looking for.  🙂


Rob Gehring

Your Massive Success Coach


Learn more about me and my coaching business right HERE. If you like what you hear, feel FREE to fill out my survey to see if you are a match for what I have to offer.


To Your Massive Success!!!

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11 thoughts on “Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

  1. Rebecca Stamer

    Nicely done! Didn’t know the song but will say very appropriate. Amazing isn’t how we can keep searching for the one perfect thing when it’s right in front of you all along!

  2. Rob Gehring

    Thanks Rebecca! I think you have to be brave sometimes to try things to actually find your niche. And then, just focus focus focus!

  3. nealgraham

    I’m more than old enough to know that song, and others from decades before it.

    The message in the blog post is very clear, and there are Thousands upon Thousands of people online who are *trying* to build a business. The problem for most, is that they have “shiny penny syndrome” which means they are constantly joining the next program that catches their eye. The real drawback to that concept, is that you can’t ever get traction in one program if you have moved on to another one before you have invested the time, energy, and yes some money into the first one that you thought so highly of that you joined it.

    I know whereof I speak, because I too went through a shiny penny phase. But then I realized I was Figuratively shooting my wallet every time I switched to another company. Now I am focused on getting the programs I am already in up and growing. I also got rid of a number of other companies that did not work together in harmony with the ones I kept active.

    Not everyone can do multiple programs, so you need to evaluate that for yourself. But some people actually thrive even more, when they have multiple compatible companies. When I say compatible, I’m talking about things such as an advertising program to go together with a program that teaches you how to be a better business owner. Another could be a lead generation company, so you have multiple programs providing you with new leads all the time. That way you can introduce your programs to your leads (not all at once of course) and find the one that best fits their goals, their motivation, their financial situation, their amount of time they can commit to building a business, and so on.

    So stop searching for the next shiny penny and instead start evaluating the companies and programs you are already involved with, to see which ones you want to keep, which ones you need to get rid of, and also how you can best maximize your income with the programs you keep.

    You can do it, if you put your “nose to the grindstone”. But you cannot do it if you keep chasing those shiny new pennies.

  4. Helen Lingard

    So very true Rob, and I love this song… and yes people jump and jump and jump…. instead of staying still and working out ‘why isn’t this working for me’.. I believe and still do ‘if its to be , its up to me’.. Life, and success, happiness starts and ends with us 🙂

  5. Mary Dent

    First things first, finding a good program is only part of the problem. Finding a good mentor, well that’s a whole different ball game. I’ve seen it time and time again where as soon as you join a program your sponsor seems to disappear. Most of the time they are off looking for the next best thing online. So a good mentor is worth their weight in gold in my book.

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