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December 2018
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What is a Trafficleads2incomeVM Breakthrough Upgrade?

What You Get as a Breakthrough Member…


*Mail to All Non-Downline Members every 4 hrs

*Earn 40 Credits Per Click of member emails versus 10 Credits.

*50% Commissions On Referral Purchases versus 10%.

*100000 Credits Per Month versus 1000.

*Use credits for Mail (1), Banners (25), and Text Ads (30) versus 1/10/15.

*Save up to 25 Email Templates versus 5.

*Mail to Downline without spending credits.

*Add 25 programs to the downline builder for your downline to see versus 2.

*Be a part of a Massive Team Build with $10000/month or more potential with coaching from those who have achieved it!


When you enter the promo code   step1done your account will be upgraded to this level as soon as you complete the $1 Trial (Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder/Income Area/NowLifestyle). If you are a Graduate or JV Member, your upgrade will be to the TL2L Level, info HERE.


Here’s to your breakthrough!

Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM

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2 comments to What is a Trafficleads2incomeVM Breakthrough Upgrade?

  • Royan Shaw

    Dude, what’s all this rigmarole for? Are all the people signing up to your viral mailer babies to internet and online marketing?

    Why do I have to be forced to take a course training or whatever plus a paid trial just to send an email to a safelist?

    Wouldn’t my time be spent reading possibly hundreds of mails from your subscribers so why do I have to be put through all this time wasting?

    I have been doing safelist marketing as far back as 1999 so why in 2017 and being put through the wringer being forced to waste time spending money in the interim before I am able to determine the effectiveness and usefulness of your service?

    The way your program is set is not reasonable as not everyone is a novice who joins a safelist as I have joined 100’s before.

    Will you please allow me to use your mailer minus the fire drills and pre-maneuvers otherwise am looking for the cancellation button to remove myself from this putrid nonsense.

  • Hmmm, rigmarole? Ok, your opinion of course. Step 1, which is on the Members Home page simply says update your social media IDs in your profile. So I saw your skype and took care of it for you so you are now good to go and can focus solely on the mailer. Enjoy! PS I sent you a skype request. 🙂

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