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Online Marketing Mastery – Getting Started

Wednesday Night Online Marketing Mastery!

On Wednesday Night, 9/16 we brought our webinar back to our online conference room. The turnout, as expected, spiked! I believe we’ve found the best formula for now for our webinars.

One of the takeaway, as you will see below, is that Affiliate/Online Marketers choose to not network for some reason. I would like to actually know why they leave so much money on the table??? I have my theories, but I’ll let you give yours first in the comments. Those that don’t, I place in a special Category called the Networking Affiliate/Online Marketer. Sure, they love their email series just as much as anyone else. But to them, it is just one vehicle for engaging a prospect. The networker strives to use EVERY resource available to connect with a prospects and convey the same information as they email. Unlike an email, a live human being can ask a question and pivot to another matter that is vital and necessary to THIS INDIVIDUAL. These are people, not numbers, make your interactions count! (Now, off the soap box for a bit.)

We also reviewed the getting started details of Trafficleads2incomeVM and how some choose only the viral mailer option while others are looking for actual training on how to market their business. Those in the latter group follow our MMS and 7 Steps of Success process. We offer a complete marketing funnel and the traffic do build your list and earn you an income.

Watch the presentation below, and let me know in the comments which category you fall under. Oh, and if we get 30 in the room next week I’ll give a way a 3 Month Top Level MSF500 Upgrade. Check out what you get with that (except the paid traffic co op shares) HERE.

To Your Massive Success!

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Build your own Networkers Site, Like Rob’s


How would you like to make your own customized Robsnetworkers Page? Its easy, watch the following video and follow the steps below it:

1) You need a blog account (domain based/wordpress), Pureleverage Authority Blog,  or use the Free Blogger product courtesy of Google.

2) Create a new page or post, then copy/paste the content of Robsnetworkers, RobGehring.com, Trafficleads2leverage or Matrixbuster2.0 into your new creation. Be sure to customize it by pointing references to you and making sure you add your referral urls. Be as creative as you like. I recommend opening links in a new window so your instructional page is not overtaken.

3) Share on Social Networks, Email Updates, and especially your TL2IVM Lead Capture Landing Pages. Gives specific direction of what you want your new opt ins to do; creating quicker signups and upgrades. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?  Remember, in the new Trafficleads2incomeVM your landing pages are controlled within your auto responder. See Step 4 in TrafficLeads2incomeVM. I recommend using your Custom Landing Page as your confirm page in a double opt in set up. Your new subscriber sees the page upon clicking the link in the confirmation email. A great thank you page is also found in Step 4 of Trafficleads2incomeVM. It is the page your subscriber sees after filling out the lead capture page form and submitting. Click HERE for Video Training on Thankyou and Confirm Pages.

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Rob Gehring

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