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Big Trafficleads2incomeVM Update!

Hey folks! Thanks for being a member of my site. If you are not, I invite you to join HERE.

Since I did some updating this weekend, and it is the start of the week, allow me to share.

  1. Monday Morning the new ClickTrackProfit Top sites come out. Right now we are in the 23rd position. I’m hoping we move up to the Top 10. If you have not voted yet, do so at TL2IVM or CTP and remember this is a weekly validation of which sites are delivering results and providing great value and support to their members. If I am not doing that, please let me know. 🙂
  2. We will be hosting our second Scavenger Hunt at CTP Tuesday 2/11. You will want to either log in to CTP and go to the Scavenger Hunt Area or login to Trafficleads2incomeVM and follow the instructions there. We will be occupying Oakcastle again, so it should be a fun time for all participating.
  3. Now, the BIG NEWS. Effective NOW the Top Level TL2L Upgrade will be only attained 2 ways. A. By upgrading to the monthly TL2L Level from an OTO or Login Offer or B. Buying a Recurring Traffic Co Op Share. There will be no more One Time Lifetime offers as this upgrade has become tremendously valuable and must be priced accordingly. Imagine being able to mail every member every day plus also getting a share of our FREE and Paid Traffic from our Traffic Co Op. Seriously?!? You can get all the details at TL2IVM or HERE.
  4. We will be talking about 1,2, and 3 at our next Webinar Wednesday 2/12 at 8pm est. This will now be a recurring webinar so now you can mark your calendars and plan to be there weekly! Details HERE.

That’s it folks. Short and Sweet. See you in the Winners Circle!!!

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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My 200th Post on Steem!

Steem Mastery at CTP = 200 Posts

Hey folks!

Completing any mastery on ClickTrackProfit is not easy. I did my Steem Mastery in about 30 days which I’m very proud of. It’s ironic that I completed this before the Trafficleads2incomeVM Mastery pictured above. HELLO! I’m the owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM; but I guess I created a mastery so challenging that even I can’t do it, LOL

So my challenge to you is join CTP above if you are not a member then find TL2IVM in the Training/Mastery section and give this a shot. It’s kind of like solving rubicks cube and I’ll pay you $25 bucks for doing so. If you are on this misson, post a screen shot with your progression and I will resteem it, hence, getting back to my original theme here of consistent content creation and curation. It’s fun when you get paid for your online activities; like McDonalds, I’m Loving It!

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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Trafficleads2incomeVM Top Site at ClickTrackProfit

Ok, it’s not THE TOP Site at ClickTrackProfit but hey, we made the Top 25! Here’s the proof:

23 and on the move!

So, as a member of ClickTrackProfit you can simply go to Xtra’s and then Top Sites and cast your vote for Trafficleads2incomeVM and your other favorites! You can also save your referral id so that folks coming in to CTP can then join under you. So that makes this a downline building tool too!

My Plan is to add badges and scavenger hunts, just have not had time to do so. I think there is a great opportunity with close to 10000 active members getting great list building training from TL2IVM, building mastery in that, and then continuing on with great CTP Training on things like Steemit and CTPTalk where you earn Steem Tokens for writing and curating content on the Steem Blockchain. What do you think? (Comment) Let me know also if you want to know how to get paid for something so natural and simple. Reach out to me using my contact details below or comment to this post wherever you see it. 🙂

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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