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The Death of a Mentor, Opportunity to Continue a Legacy, Big Decisions! – Part 8 of my Online Journey

Hi Again! Click HERE for Part 7 of the story in case you missed it.

Around February of 2005 our 10khits4unow Team began offering a package called Solutions. This offer the user Hosting, Tracking, Autoresponders, and even workshop training to put it all together (In addition to a great Traffic Exchange). We had assembled a staff to handle the various tasks. My job was to co-ordinate all activities, be the face of the organization in webinars and other platforms, and be one of the regular trainers. This worked very well and we were soon known for having one of the best value adds of any traffic exchange. I continued to work with Doug Williams as an affiliate in his programs, and did meetings and trainings for him as well as one of his top earners and team builders. Team 10k as we were known there. A predecessor to today’s Team Massive Success.

Fast forward now to the Summer of 2007 and the death of Mr. Williams. This came as a shock to many as it was a sudden heart attack. To my surprise, the family offered his programs to me at a good price to add to my portfolio. They wanted his legacy to continue and it was hard to turn this offer down. After consulting with my partners, we inked the deal and merged everything into the Solutions Family of Programs LLC portfolio. (Solutions is what we called our hosting plan.) The portfolio of programs included SeoSquid (Hosting Platform and the former 3 Step program. The name change was unfortunate), Moneylegs, BlogEstates (A newer creation), A pixel program that died pretty quick, and some famous TE Names like ViralClassAds, Clickaholics, TsunamiGold, and maybe even a few I forgot.

Now the question was, how do you run 8+ programs effectively? We soon found out the membership had dried up in some, money was owed in a few, and some of the programming/databases were in disarray and difficult to repair. We had to make some tough decisions and did what we could. I’m proud that we paid the Williams Family 100%, paid commissions on time, and still had profits to split among the partners. I believe with some additional vision and programming power we could have gone to an even higher level, but for me, it was not meant to be. We really bit off a lot taking all this on, and not everyone I worked with came to work everyday with the right spirit. I’ll leave it at that.

When my daughter started having seizures in 2007 and other pressures came into play; I sold my half of the business to a party I will not mention here. They made one payment to me and then stopped abruptly, even after signing an agreement! The sad part was this person programmed for us, knew what we had, and was aware of the pros and the cons of the portfolio. This really soured me on online business. I mean, I invented and created 10k and put years of blood, sweat, and tears into it. I was asked to come back into the fold but I just couldn’t so I let the team do their thing and just became a super affiliate for them and others. I needed time to thing about my next move. I mean, I had lost thousands of dollars in this deal and just needed to get my head straight. I had to go back to work in retail which was a real bummer too. In time, I would be back as an owner, in the meantime I had some fun just being a really good affiliate and revving up the offline career. Tune in next week for the comeback story!

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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Big Trafficleads2incomeVM Update!

Hey folks! Thanks for being a member of my site. If you are not, I invite you to join HERE.

Since I did some updating this weekend, and it is the start of the week, allow me to share.

  1. Monday Morning the new ClickTrackProfit Top sites come out. Right now we are in the 23rd position. I’m hoping we move up to the Top 10. If you have not voted yet, do so at TL2IVM or CTP and remember this is a weekly validation of which sites are delivering results and providing great value and support to their members. If I am not doing that, please let me know. 🙂
  2. We will be hosting our second Scavenger Hunt at CTP Tuesday 2/11. You will want to either log in to CTP and go to the Scavenger Hunt Area or login to Trafficleads2incomeVM and follow the instructions there. We will be occupying Oakcastle again, so it should be a fun time for all participating.
  3. Now, the BIG NEWS. Effective NOW the Top Level TL2L Upgrade will be only attained 2 ways. A. By upgrading to the monthly TL2L Level from an OTO or Login Offer or B. Buying a Recurring Traffic Co Op Share. There will be no more One Time Lifetime offers as this upgrade has become tremendously valuable and must be priced accordingly. Imagine being able to mail every member every day plus also getting a share of our FREE and Paid Traffic from our Traffic Co Op. Seriously?!? You can get all the details at TL2IVM or HERE.
  4. We will be talking about 1,2, and 3 at our next Webinar Wednesday 2/12 at 8pm est. This will now be a recurring webinar so now you can mark your calendars and plan to be there weekly! Details HERE.

That’s it folks. Short and Sweet. See you in the Winners Circle!!!

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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