Meet Lawrence Ko, Mr. Persistence

Hello again and Happy Holidays! Christmas is around the corner, I hope it is a great one for you, your family, and your friends.

Today is a special day as one of my coaching clients, Lawrence Ko, made his first BIG sale online. Check out the awesome photo below:

Lawrence is from Perth, Australia and had been working online for a few years with little success. After receiving emails from me for years, he finally took a close look at what I was doing and requested the steps to duplicate my success. In the beginning, there were the normal challenges of people not responding to his emails, folks unsubscribing, and not a lot of people taking action. Lawrence tweaked and tried again. Then again. Then again. Finally the leads began rolling in. Then the Trial Members. Then the One-Time sales. Then the Monthlies. Now, well…look above!

The moral of the story is to have a plan, work with a mentor, and be persistent with a never give up attitude. Persistence pays off in the end, especially for those action takers among us. You are reading this…are you an action taker too?

Rob Gehring

Your Massive Success Coach

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1 thought on “Meet Lawrence Ko, Mr. Persistence

  1. Patsy j Payne

    I too have been following u for some years and Now I am joining the ranks of the Action Takers. I am on step 15 with Biz Plan in progress, am being SMART. Look and see when I get my first action.

    Patsy Massive Success Team

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