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November 2017
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The Greatest Lesson You Have Learned in Life

Hey Again. Yes, as promised, it is Saturday Night and I am doing my weekly blog. This weeks topic was easy, as I am in a 30 Day Facebook Live Challenge Group so I have accountability partners keeping me honest and focused in this process. Today marked Day 2 of the challenge. Tomorrow being Day 3, I have aligned my blog with our groups topic which is, as the title suggests, the greatest lesson you have learned in life.


Obviously, as a man in his late 40’s, I have learned many lessons; but I am going to say the greatest lesson I learned was from my wife, who you can see, from a previous Blog I did has been a HUGE influence in my Life. Click HERE for that. So this specific lesson comes from the fact that life hands you various things. Some are good, some are challenging, and some leave you wondering, WHY ME! But, if you have faith in God, and God does everything for a reason, this helps you make sense of anything and everything. From the most bitter defeat to the most glorious victory, God has a plan for us. Let’s all live in the moment right now, let’s accept and embrace our past; and listen closely to what our mission here on earth is. I can hear mine, can you hear yours? If you are reading this, put your mission in the comments as I would love to hear it! Also tell me the greatest lesson you learned.

In summary, my wife’s philosophy has made an impact on me, making it the greatest lesson I have learned in my life. I am able to help, coach, and support some of the most wonderful people on earth. And that mission will continue. No matter what happens in my life or business I have a context to place it in. Sometimes its the simplicity that makes it all fall into place!


Rob Gehring

Your Massive Success Coach

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