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Online Marketing Mastery – Downline Builders, Income, and Big Ticket


10/21/20 turned out to be a great show for Online Marketing Mastery. The presentation was about Trafficleads2incomevm. We had the owner of Genesis Lifestyle Network in attendance as we discussed our downline builder and the fact of GLN being added to the income section. You’ll get to see the recording at the end of this article. So these are some points we discussed:

  1. Getting Started in Trafficleads2incomeVM. Join, Confirm, Begin Your 7 Steps. You decide when you receive promotional credit earning emails!
  2. Downline Builder Review. Add or Delete Programs based on your membership/upgrade level. In conjunction with our 7 Step List Building Training you create as many backend offers as you like and bring them in the front door of your TL2IVM Lead Capture Page/TL2IVM/Your Offers!
  3. Discussion of Income Opportunities. Putting skin in the game. Contenders versus Pretenders. Small Ticket versus Big Ticket. Sacrifice today = big wins for tomorrow!

As always, refer to the MMS Blog for more details to get the most out of your TL2IVM Membership. Now, for the video presentation:

You can evaluate Genesis Lifestyle Network for FREE. Join from the Trafficleads2incomeVM Downline Builder (Income Section). Let me know once you have joined for 10000 FREE Credits and a 7 Day Upgrade here at TL2IVM. Mention Promo GLNMSF

No webinar this week so join us Wednesday 11/4/20 @8pm est HERE for more exciting topics to help you earn what you deserve online!

To Your Massive Success!

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