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Road to 10k at CTP

71.6% There

I am not a Crypto expert but when prices drop, you hold and buy. So, what a great opportunity to get to 10k CTP! I looked at buying Mining tokens as I hold over 100 but if I’m only getting 1 for 2000 ctp I don’t think that’s wise. So, I’m keeping my mining tokens where they are and focusing on increasing CTP Power. I’m also looking at breaking into the BAT market and BTC is sitting today at 9656 so I may take a bit of BTC for some BAT and get CTP to the 10k mark. That is my crypto update for today.

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success Click for My Contact Info

I must make a confession…

Yes, I was a closest cryptocurrency investor! But no more, I’m coming out!

I have been holding Bitcoin for sometime and use Coinbase to manage my cryptocurrency. I began accepting crypto at Trafficleads2incomeVM using Coinpayments. I dabbled with ZCash, ETH, Litecoin etc. I eventually consolidated all into BTC as it has the potential to go even BIGGER, today it is close to 9000. I acquired a lot when it was in the 7000’s.

Jon Olson introduced me to Steem through his Clicktrackprofit company. I have been learning about it thru CTPTalk and Steemit and today was a breakthrough! I purchased my first 3 CTPM tokens and now have full knowledge on how this is all connected and how to skim off profits. So, yes, GAME ON!

I have to decide on the direction of TL2IVM. I know removing Paypal is an option and this could protect assests and enhance my crypto portfolio. What say you? Let me know in the comments and yes, I will upvote them. Thanks to Firepay I can acccept credit cards too. So is the risk worth the reward? Tough decision. I will be getting this out to all my channels and will analyze the feedback. Stay tuned!

Rob Gehring – Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Leader of Team Massive Success

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