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Online Marketing Mastery – Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

MSF500 Lead Capture Page

11/4/20 turned out to be a great show for Online Marketing Mastery. The presentation was about the MSF500 Funnel offer by Trafficleads2incomeVM. You’ll get to see the recording at the end of this article. So these are some points we discussed:

  1. The MSF500 Lead Capture Page. Where do you go when the form is filled out?
  2. The MSF500 Landing/Bridge/Thankyou Page. Getting the program signup. Encouraging Social Interaction.
  3. TL2IVM new flow. Thankyou Page after signup. Hey, you can login now without confirming your email address!
  4. The 3 BIG OFFERS
  5. New Welcome Video, Pick your Upgrade Package, Follow those 7 Steps!

As always, refer to the MMS Blog for more details to get the most out of your TL2IVM Membership. Now, for the video presentation:

Next Webinar is Wednesday 11/11/20 @8pm est HERE for more exciting topics to help you earn what you deserve online!

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