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The Case for Online Marketing Engagement

Last night at my webinar I talked extensively about integrating engagement into all aspects of your marketing funnel. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Your Lead Capture Page – Let’s add a phone field so we can connect with those who do not receive, read, or care about email. If we say quality versus quantity when it comes to single versus double opt in; then would that argument not apply to adding an engagement field as well?
  2. Your Thank you/Landing Page – Most affiliate marketers seem to settle for the auto responder default page here. Why? Again, let’s be proactive and get things like a signup link, group link, appointment calendar, etc. on this very important page. Otherwise, what you are saying here is if my prospect does not confirm their email address it is marketing end game here. I say no!
  3. Your Emails – Try more engaging subject lines. Go with shorter ad copy. Ask for free actions like Liking Something, Commenting on Something, A Free Signup, Reply Back, Join my Group, etc. I’m changing the 80/20 rule to 100/0. Do no selling from your emails! You are your best sales tool!!!

Here is the replay from the webinar:

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