How My Wife Has Determined My Life…Positively!

My wife has always been one to say, go for your dreams. She is firm and solid in the fact that you never should let fear stop you from doing anything. Try new foods, attempt something new, go for the promotion! She inspired me to keep pushing forward in my business, now I want to take it to the level where it will keep us financially secure for the rest of our lives.

Well, before I met her I lived in doubt and fear. I would say no to something if I was uncomfortable. She brought me out of my shell, which I am forever grateful for. Confidence is built from one pushing thru their discomfort zone and coming back from failure and trying again. She always keeps me grounded in this mindset. Its a much greater sin to not try than to try and fail. And victory after failure is soooooo much sweeter!

My wife has taught me to let go of my own self consciousness and think more of others and what can be done for them. Little petty problems are nothing compared to what others go thru. Put yourself in someone’s shoes who is less fortunate than you. And also remember that God has a plan for us all so no matter what happens it happened for a reason. Learn life lessons along the way and you will be a happier person.

Life is great now. There are still challenges and obstacles. There continues to be disappointments and failure. What I have learned from her is how to deal with these moments make all the difference in your future.

A positive attitude and a commitment to putting yourself out there transcends into working from home. Everything I have written about today has helped me with my business. I want to share this with you. I want to help and mentor you……..Empower yourself and begin today……CLICK HERE.

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5 thoughts on “How My Wife Has Determined My Life…Positively!

  1. Judy Gunn

    Fantastic story Rob and its always a blessing to have the support of those closest to you when you are building your empire. To your success

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  3. Gary Canada

    How wonderful you have a wife who stands by you. Finding someone like this is difficult in today’s world. You both can bring out the better traits in each other. Trusting your mate, and God, will get you where you want to be.

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