Lesson I Learned From Abraham Lincoln

I think we can derive many lessons from the great Abe Lincoln. He was in some circles misunderstood in his lifetime, as he had the grim task to be the front man for a very bloody war. History has proven that his leadership has made the United States complete and the great nation that it is.

The lesson I learned from studying Abe Lincoln is the fact that you must persevere in your beliefs sometime, contrary to pressure from others who hold an opposite view. In the early days of the Civil War, many northern leaders wanted Lincoln to negotiate with the south and allow them to separate from the union. For most of Lincoln’s time in office he was promoting an unpopular war but had a divine vision and carried it though till his death. The events around him were extremely troubling, and I am sure he also had moments of self doubt in addition to the growing pressure from his peers.
My parallel here is the fact that many in the work at home industry face pressure from family and friends that what they are doing or planning on doing is a scam, a fraud, illegal, can’t be done, etc. etc.
Believe in your dreams and go against the grain. As Mr. Lincoln taught us, your beliefs and self determination, even against great odds, can results in amazing transformations. Your transformation is the life you dream about……firing the boss and leaving the 9-5 grind. Join me in this pursuit HERE.
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4 thoughts on “Lesson I Learned From Abraham Lincoln

  1. Rebecca Stamer

    Fantastic Post Rob! One of my passions in writing is bringing the past to the present and tying it all together. This is perfectly written!

  2. Rob Gehring

    Thanks Rebecca. I feel the same, I think the lessons of the past teach us so much in the moment. This blog has really sparked my creative side!

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