The Terrific Ten – Do you have what it takes?

Hello and welcome to 2021!

2020 Ended with a Bang for me, literally! On 12/23 I fell and broke my upper arm. I’m really getting an appreciation for how much one needs both wings working! Anyway, working online is a blessing as I heal, I can till type with 2 hands and get all my daily duties done, like writing a blog!

So, I was asked about my online goals for 2021. I thought about it and decided to put things in terms of others versus me. I want to take 10 people, and make then 1k+ monthly earners. That’s it!

So how do we make that happen? Well, first we need:

  1. A great funnel including lead capture and thank you page (check)
  2. Free and Paid Traffic going into this funnel daily (check)
  3. Training on how to properly follow up and close these sales (check)
  4. A mentor that will be available to you as you progress on this journey (BIG Check)

So, what do you have to bring to the table?

  1. An open mind and a willingness to see this through till the end of the year.
  2. A willingness to invest as much money and time as you can. If you think you can make 1k+ per month with no investment, I’m not your guy.
  3. Show up daily for work and keep your regularly scheduled appointments with me.

So, no hype here, just results and let’s get this going ASAP. If interested, please book an appointment with me HERE and we’ll put a game plan together. Note that this will be a collaborative process.

Here’s to your Massive Success in 2021!

Rob Gehring ÔÇô Owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM and Mentor/Coach for Team Massive Success

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4 thoughts on “The Terrific Ten – Do you have what it takes?

  1. admin Post author

    Excellent Darla. 10000 credits on the way from tl2ivm. So does this mean you’re going to book an appointment? ­čÖé

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