Online Marketing Mastery – Sending and Receiving Email

Last night, 9/23/20, turned out to be a great show for Online Marketing Mastery. The presentation was about at Trafficleads2incomevm:

  1. New members now are at unsubscribed status after confirming their memberships.
  2. New members who don’t confirm still have access to the site, just can’t send or receive email
  3. Demo of the Send Mail process and some tips
  4. Demo of the Missed Mail feature and some tips

I really think the demos went great, but our special guest Richard stole the show!

I used engagement techniques to connect with Richard a few days ago. I thanked him for using the mailer and being an active member. This lead to him making an appointment with me HERE, which we did by phone and then led to his attendance at last night’s webinar and now a part of our Telegram Group! So what’s next? Well, I truly believe that Richard is a rising star and I look forward to his next chapter in his online earning journey. If you would like a FREE consultation with me, reach out! Hey, what do you have to lose and you may gain BIG! 30 minutes is all it takes. ­čÖé Now, for the recording…

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