#myhivegoals for 6/22/20

Inspired by @robwillmann, I have decided to take his #myhivegoals challenge for June 2020. You can see the from the pic above I am driving:

  • CTP Staked Tokens (+960 from 6/15)
  • Hive Staked Tokens (+48 from 6/15)
  • Total Trafficleads2incomeVM signups for the entire company (+123 from 6/15)
  • MSF 500 Packages Sold (+1 from 6/15)

I am happy I made my Hive goal but the others I will reevaluate for next month. For now, let’s press on! If you have similar objectives as me; try this #myhivegoals challenge and let @ghcamry and @robwillmann know! ­čÖé

Here’s to your #massivesuccess !

I will also be looking for your original content and will be awarding prizes randomly on CTPTalk. Look for the #massivesuccess award of excellence!

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