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Our Family

Our Family


We should get to know each other. Maybe you could be shy so I will break the ice. I am just your average American Football loving guy, “Go STEELERS!”. For the time being, I am living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, now I know you are thinking wow steel mill country but actually, there are shades of green that you can’t see in other parts of the country. Originally my background is in Corporate America. I was a successful Retail Manager for a Major US retailer. Now there is nothing wrong with that lifestyle if you are single and love that high-energy high pressure dog-eat-dog environment. Being married with children my heart broke a little each day. I love to work but I was missing my family horribly with all of the hours I was spending at the office.

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I Hated Leaving My Family Everyday

I am married to my beautiful wife of 25 years and we have 2 wonderful children, our son who is 24 years old, and daughter 19 years old. My family is my truest treasure because they keep my life filled with happiness and love. Knowing that every day I would have to spend the majority of my waking hours apart from my family. The feeling of heartbreak gave me a knot in my stomach that I carried with me throughout the week. Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial “There has to be a better way!” This would be racing through my mind daily there needs to be a legitimate way for people to work from home and make a living wage. Never having to miss those once-in-a-lifetime precious moments with my family was like a far-off fantasy that may never happen. That idea alone was so depressing. Just like now back then there were all too many mail-order programs with get-rich-quick pipe dreams. Never have I believed in a get-rich-quick idea. Although there had to be a “do this”; and “make income” type of system.

I Remember Back To 1999

The Internet and World Wide Web were just starting to become household words and $25 was a lot of money, oops I got ahead of myself lol Prior to 1999, I can’t remember too much of what I did online. I was married in 1996 and it was around this time that I discovered the internet/worldwide web via Netscape. My wife has a work account and allowed me to use it. So I went, OMG this is freaking awesome. I played around with some stupid stuff for a while but then got to thinking, perhaps I can make money with this??? My first idea was Think and Link. I was going to make you think daily, then provide you with affiliate links you could go to. I think it could have worked, but the execution sucked so I scrapped it. I then found DHS Club and Dick Burke was my first mentor. I became a VIP for 25 bucks a month and at that time had to run it by my wife. Needless to say, she was very skeptical and said, you better get that money back!!! Well, I was motivated for sure as you don’t want to waste the family’s money, right? So I did everything I could to get referrals. Most famously I used AOL Messenger to get chatting with other AOL members and then would drop a link. I learned how to connect first, then eventually drop the link after making the common mistake of doing that before gaining know/like/trust. This method, over the years, on various platforms has earned me a lot of commissions. I actually have a training called the Simple Art of Recruiting on the subject.

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After a Little Time Guess What?!

A little bit of time passed and a check came in the mail, for $10! My first commission! The addiction took hold. It appeared as if I made money from thin air. That was not the case, in fact, it took a bit of effort but because I was loving the process of online marketing it was like taking a small vacation from my corporate life. It felt like a two-ton weight was lifted from my chest. Finally, I could see the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel. The $10 gave me confidence and fuel to power on to make a living wage from the comfort of my own home. Sometimes My wife and I look back upon that moment and share a little laugh.

I Really Enjoy Sharing

When I started “Traffic Leads to Income” I had just one mission to help others find the same success that I have found. I say found but actually, it took a lot of hard work and a bunch of missed football games. I went through a lot in those early days, and saving another person from some of the pitfalls of the business is essential. We all think that a nice site and a great sales pitch equals a reputable business. In reality, out of all the opportunities that exist online only about 10% of them are any good the other 90% are garbage. Refer to Sturgeon’s Law. Helping people achieve Massive Results and spending quality time with my family is what I am all about. My Contact Info is below, reach out and we can talk. Telegram: https://t.me/robgehring WowApp: https://wowapp.com/w/ghcamry

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  1. Lmurray296

    Thanks for the insight of your own personal journey of making money from home via the world wide web. Take note of my listed website and other approved versions of it I am now advertising, hehe.

  2. Linda Browning

    It’s always GOOD to know “Where someone comes from”
    It sets the stage for your future relationships!

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