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Hello fellow Great Lifer! What’s one thing we all need to our Great Life Businesses? You guessed it! Traffic! I have something special for you. I have been in the traffic business for over 20 years, and offer Top Tier (T1) PAID Traffic that will bring leads and prospects to your business. You can bring me your corporate lead capture page, a splash page, or your own lead capture page. The page must lead to the corporate sales page. I will not accept the direct sales page because that will not be effective and I want to make sure you get the best value for your money. Just add follow up and you’ll be set!

Pricing is as follows:

100 Clicks – $50 – 50 cents per click

200 Clicks – $98

300 Clicks – $144

400 Clicks – $188

500 Clicks – $230

1000 Clicks – $450

2000 Clicks – $880

3000 Clicks – $1260

4000 Clicks – $1600 – 40 cents per click (Lowest Cost Per Click!)

If you are interested, send an email to with your name, great life link, how many clicks you seek, and the email address you’d like me to send your invoice. Once I receive Payment your link will be loaded and we’ll alert everyone on the start and stop dates. Generally it takes 2 weeks to receive your all of your traffic as we slow drip it. The deadline to receive your order for the June Co Op is Friday 6/7/24 11:59pm Eastern. Traffic will begin Monday 6/10/24.

To Your Massive Success!

Rob Gehring – Great Life Platinum Leader



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2 thoughts on “Great Life Worldwide Traffic – Diamond Team International

  1. Kenneth Rother

    My name is Kenneth Rother
    Capture page domain name
    Username kenr
    Interested in 200 clicks to start

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