Teck Sparwood Collective Agreement

The new collective agreement replaces another one that expired on May 31, 2019 The new five-year contract replaces an old contract that expired on May 31, 2019. The new collective agreement includes approximately 554 unionized employees at Line Creek Operations, located approximately 25 kilometres north of Sparwood. Unionized workers are represented by the International Union of Operating Engineers local 115. The agreement affects approximately 554 unionized employees at Line Creek, represented by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 115. Teck Coal Ltd. announced today that a new five-year collective agreement has been ratified by staff at its Line Creek operations and replaced an agreement that expired on May 31, 2019. There is no law against random drug and blood alcohol testing in Canada. It is therefore eligible in a non-unionized context. In a unionized context, random drug and blood alcohol testing is permitted when it is an appropriate exercise of management`s rights under the existing collective agreement. Arbitrators decided that random drug and blood alcohol testing is useful when there is a significant drug or alcohol problem in a given workplace.

Teck thought he had reached the threshold. The arbitrator disagreed. On April 20, Teck Resources Ltd. announced a new five-year collective agreement, ratified by the staff of its Line Creek operations. Home Teck” announces that Line Creek Collective Agreement Line Creek is one of four steel coal plants operated by Teck and located in the Elk Valley. At Teck, safety is an essential value and we are committed to a safe working environment for our employees. We take very seriously our obligation to provide our employees with the safest place to work. We strongly believe that measures to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse, which can affect performance and safety at work, are an important way to achieve our vision that everyone will return home safely and healthy every day.

Teck`s plants in Canada were the first users of post-incident and reasonable cause testing in 1999, which is widespread throughout the company. Despite our success with these tests, a decade later, we still had an unacceptable number of incidents. In agreement with drug and alcohol experts, we learned that the most effective way to reduce drug and alcohol use in workplaces around the world, including mines in the United States, Australia and Chile, is random. We are disappointed with the referee`s decision. However, as a result of that decision, we suspended drug and blood alcohol testing at our coal sites in British Columbia. We are looking at the next steps to ensure that the safety, health and well-being of our employees, obtained through random testing, is not lost. We expect staff to be fit for work and not tolerate drug or alcohol problems in the workplace as part of our commitment to the safety of our employees. Teck`s Natal West Pit in the Elk Valley of British Columbia. File photo.

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