Transfer Of Technology Agreement Template

Project Name: Transmission of the twelve admission numbers of Health Foods, including Dr. Xiao Brand Honeysuckle Pearl Capsule, Dr. Xiao Brand Multivitamin Tablet, Dr. Xiao Brand Zhengdian Capsule, Dr. Xiao Brand Shengui, Dr. Xiao Brand Multivitamin Tablet (Woman), Dr. Xiao Brand Shikong Soft Capsule, Dr. Xiao Brand Huangjingdanggui Tablet, Dr. Xiao Brand Xingxing Soft Capsule, Dr. Xiao Brand Vitamin A Fish Oil Soft Capsule, Dr. Xiao Brand Colon Cleanser Granules, Dr.

Xiao Brand Jianli Soft Capsule and LB Brand Xinpin Capsule, and the branded property of Dr. Xiao`s No.5 and No.30 Product Category and LB This contract defines the rights and obligations of suppliers and beneficiaries with respect to materials and all derivatives transferred for research purposes. The Office of Technology Transfer can provide a customized document if it provides information about the external entity/institution/organization, a contact person within that entity and the type of material to be transferred inside, outside or between the SIU and that entity. Sponsored research agreements (SRAs) govern research funded at Cleveland State University. TTOs negotiate SRAs when a company or public body of the university makes funds available to a particular project and the company expects some form of intellectual property rights from the research. A confidentiality agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, is a binding contract governing the exchange of proprietary or confidential information. A licensing agreement is a legal contract in which the licensee (SIU) grants the licensee (company) rights for the production, sale, use and/or marketing of the intellectual property held by the licensee (SIU). Standard USSR models are available for generic technologies, therapeutic drugs, medical devices and software.

Note that the exact content and language of each document may change to reflect the specific details of each invention and partnership. Please contact us to get started. Below are examples of standard ETS forms and agreements that serve as reference documents. The exact content and language of each document may change to meet specific project/partnership requirements or other considerations. Please contact us to get started. A licensing agreement is the standard contract format by which Cleveland State University and a potential licensee attempt to obtain mutually acceptable licensing conditions for an invention. Strategies for transferring inventions from universities to industry are based on non-exclusive or exclusive licenses. All licensing agreements must protect the university`s mission by ensuring that faculty engineers retain the right to pursue research in the licensed field, freely publish and disseminate tangible technology-related research to other academic and not-for-profit researchers. The university requires all underwriters to accept appropriate compensation and insurance obligations, as required by the State of Ohio.

Faculty, students and staff are required to sign NDAs before disclosing potentially confidential information or may be asked to sign it before receiving this information from third parties. The NOA must be fully implemented by both parties before entering into another debate on technology. CONSIDERING that the supplier and supplier have agreed to enter into a supply agreement (“agreement”) that will serve as a general framework for the supply of [`] and by begging to buy-buyer or its related companies and regulating delivery; and this form is the standard agreement on the mutual confidentiality of the SIU, which can be implemented to define the proper treatment of confidential information emanating from both UAL and industrial partners.

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