The Simple Art of Recruiting

This is a script you can use in conjunction with a lead capture page that has a questionnaire as a landing page or however you are using a questionnaire. You can also ask a prospect the questionnaire questions directly. (See Rebecca Stamer’s Questionnaire Training HERE.) Link a calendar as a landing page off your questionnaire to make scheduling your prospects or team members a breeze. I now use my Facebook Page as my appointment calendar HERE. I ask my questions after a date is selected on my calendar. This way, I have good information about the prospect to use in our meeting. Below is how I have my intake questions formulated:

It is important to understand the importance of having a “real” conversation with a prospect. This also saves you time in qualifying your list and only talking to people who are serious and ready. Be sure they indicate at least 50.00 available to get started now; otherwise I advise against you calling unless you want the practice. When I capture a lead, I generally ask for their phone number along with first name and email address. Then, I send the following text which is called “The Magic Text”. Hey {Prospect Name}, Rob here, your {Company Name} sponsor. Go to {Your Facebook Profile} and send me a friend request so I can have you schedule with me and we can get you earning ASAP, ok?

This is a good qualifier as I may be able to connect with them on Facebook to have them set an appointment with me. If they are unresponsive, then we move to a phone call where we can interview them directly.

Below is a training session on this topic:


Is this (first name)?

Hi (first name)!

My name is (your first name) I’m just giving you a call because you submitted an online form and I just wanted to ask you…how are you?

(first name), you obviously went to my website because you were looking for something, and what I’d like to do is ask you a few questions and see if I can help you get what you want, if that’s ok?

I see from your questionnaire you are looking to make (x dollars) per month. Is that correct?

Tell me more.

When we make that happen for you, what will that mean for your life? For you and your family?


We call this the “why” in the business. The reason we get up early in the morning and stay up late at night. It is very important from a motivational standpoint. Your “why” is great! Do you mind if I share mine?

[Share your Why.]

[Verify the other responses on your questionnaire, take as many notes as you can.]

[The hours question is very important, so here is how to approach that.]

Now when you say you can work [ x hours] per week. I need to know that you will show up and be engaged and follow the directions I lay out to you. Are you willing to do that?

(first name), when I help you create [x dollars a month] in [x hours a week], how will your life change?

So it sounds like what you want is…     [Repeat what they just said.]

So on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “Go fly a kite!” and 10 being “I am ready to get started!”…where are you at right now?

[You’re looking for a 9 or 10, in which you will say…]

Sounds like you’re ready to get started!

[Pause and allow them to say “yes”]

[Anything less than a 9 you can end the conversation and send them an email thanking them for their time with a link to join when ready.]

[9 or higher we proceed to enter them into the business.]

Ok, what I’m going to do now is email you a link with an application and stay with you while you fill it out. I will then get you started in your training. Give me your best email.

[Send them an email with the sales page of your choice.]

(first name), check your email account now for the application email and click on the link in the email.

Now scroll below the video (which you can pause) and fill out the application completely and submit. How do you want your name spelled on your commission checks? [wait for response] Excellent, make sure you spell it exactly the same way in the name area of that application. Also use an email address you don’t normally use on online forms as you will then ensure you don’t miss any communication. Keep filling out the rest of the application and I’ll check back with you in a minute, I just need to quickly run and grab a (insert drink of your choice.)

[Come back a minute or two later and check on their progress. Once you verify that they are enrolled (by checking in your Company Backoffice) then continue.]

Congratulations and welcome to the team! What I want you to do now is follow the instructions on our team training page at Let me go over the key points with you. [Review team training and whatever other things you want to highlight on the team site.]

Again congratulations (firstname) and welcome to your massive success. Let me know when the next time we can get together would be, and I can check your progress and answer any questions you have. Have a great rest of your day, talk soon!

[Note: Always mirror back what your prospect says. So if they say “I want to make 10k.” You say “So I understand you want to make 10k.” Don’t say “So I understand you want to make 10000 dollars.”.]


To your Massive Success!

Rob Gehring –

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