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Team Building 101: What do I say?

All of us here at the Massive Success Team would like to wish all of the Dad’s out there a very happy Fathers Day! I have to thank my Dad for putting me on this earth but I really have to thank my Grandfather John for showing me how to live on this earth and inspiring me to be an entrepreneur. So on to the blog update for this week. It was exciting to finally finish our Massive Success Team page so now we have complete training from audience building on facebook all the way to closing prospects via real conversation. Many marketers can build a list and generate leads; but how many do you know that have the skill and can teach the skill of the “art of the close”. How is it done you ask? Well, from the heart, with a deep gratitude for all that you have and an even deeper desire to help someone else achieve the same or better results. They say the gold is in the list but the fortune is in the follow up, for good reason. Now on to my video message for this week:

– Bitcoin and Politics on Facebook

– Team Building and Tap Root continues

– Qualifying your leads then closing them



To your Massive Success!


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