Trafficleads2income Conference Preview – Step 6, Finishing your Lead Capture Page

The TrafficLeads2Income Sunday Night Conference is August 26th at 9:30 PM est.

We are now on the schedule of the NetLearningAcademy, so this will be a weekly occurance. Please join the NetLearningAcademy from your TrafficLeads2Income Downline Builder and check out all the other great trainings hosted by folks like Chris Houg, Robert Puddy, Janet Legere, Kaye Towne, James Holmes, and Cat Heiter!!!!!

To find out more about the training call tonight and
access the conference room check out the calender


Keep in mind that TrafficLeads2Income is in the NLA downline builder as well (Rebrand Site – Listbuilding Tools). Check your downline builder now for great business and rescource recommendations from your sponsor!

So please join us tonight and every Sunday at 9:30 PM est. All Free Members get a 30 Day Free Trial…come to the conferecne for details….Room access is  HERE.

Here is another reason to come:

Based on the number of TL2I attendees tonight, Home Run Hit Maker TE will offer the following prizes: 15 Attendees = One 3 Month Upgrade; 25 Attendees = A Second 3 month upgrade; 35 Attendees = A Third 3 month upgrade; for ALL FIRST TIME attendees, we'll give a 1 month upgrade; and, we'll give a 1 YEAR upgrade if attendance hits 50!  Randy May, D.A. Riley & Alexsis Healy, Owners.

A recording from last weeks session is  HERE.  (8/19/12)


 The agenda………


 – Overview of TL2I and General List Building

– Step 6 and adding the finishing touches to your Lead Capture Page

– Q and A

– How to claim your 1 Month Upgrade (Free Members)

– Stick around for the after conference where we answer your questions and just kick some topics and gossip around


Congrats to last months contest winner Janet Legere, who won a Lifetime Upgrade at TL2I! Janet is already a doctor, so she has one to give away so stay tuned Team Legere. To see all of our great Doctorate Members, just click  HERE and keep hitting refresh. This may give you some ideas for the branding of your Referral Page that is discussed in Step 9 and executed in Profile. Here are the August Contest Results as of 8/25/12    10:38 PM  est:

Username Referrals
This Month
Last Month
bizventures5000 49 1
andyvan 41 10
janetlegere 30 55
twirlylou 25 7
dennisb 19 19
stefanberg 18 27
maddogmike 10 9
ghcamry 6 7
wisecity 5 14
Cal Champlin 4 25
retirequickly 4 2
GeorgeKelly 3 5
gjenkins 3 0
Multiweb 3 0
jelec7 3 0
scott.gordon 2 36
lhuggins 2 7
donnagain 2 0
slwmsb 2 0
KenWolff 2 0
Randy633 1 6
TrandyMay 1 3
SueAndShawnKelly 1 2
kynetwork 1 2
dlbhawaii 1 1

This is really shaping up to be an epic battle…..Brian and Michael, who will prevail?

See you in the NLA Room!

Rob Gehring

Admin and Owner of RobsNetworkers and TrafficLeads2Income

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2 thoughts on “Trafficleads2income Conference Preview – Step 6, Finishing your Lead Capture Page

  1. Janet Legere

    Sorry I will miss this one tonight … I will be on the road coming home from Medicine Hat.  I strongly recommend everyone attend … this is GREAT training!

  2. Shirley Schwarz (twirlylou)

    If you have not attended one of these training conferences…..
    it may be just the time to start.  You will not go away
    emptyhanded.  You will be glad you checked it out.
    Rob you do a terrific job and kudos to all the prizes
    given out each night.
    I, for one, will be there.  How about anyone else?

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