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Its a new year so its time to roll out those resolutions about your online business. Is this the year you’ll follow a system? Is this the year you’ll stay away from shiny objects? Is this the year you are going to build your list? Is this the year you are going to personally followup with prospects? All good objectives, and now here is MMS 1.71 to help you make good on all of those resolutions.


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MMS V 1.71 Features…

– A brand new email series.
– Modifiable to any primary business
or autoresponder.
– New code is found in your download
area. (TL2L Level Only)
– No need for a blog, use your
thankyou page instead. (Though
blogging is still highly recommended.)


Consider the upgrade to the TL2L Level at Trafficleads2incomeVM:

*Mail to All Members every 4 hrs versus 6 hrs

*Earn 40 Credits Per Click of member emails versus 25 Credits.

* Increased Dynamic Surfing Ratios. Up to 50 Credits per Click!

More information about the NEW TL2L Level can be found HERE.



Thank for reading this update…your promo code for 500 bonus credits is 192016mmsfhhfh



Rob Gehring – Admin and Owner of Traffifleads2incomeVM and the Massive Marketing Success System

Skype:   rob.gehring


P.S. Stay tuned for the next MMS (BIG changes planned for 2.0!)

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