Build Over Agreement Thames

We saw a case where the owner assumed that the contractor had handled the Thames Water Build over Agreement, while the contractor assumed it was the owner. This confusion resulted in a four-week delay in the work, while location studies were conducted, plans were drawn up and Thames Water Engineer visited the website. It should be noted that if you do not follow the appropriate procedure with Thames Water, your construction inspector will not approve your construction and will issue your Certificate of Compliance Certificate. Thames Water has legal powers (in accordance with paragraphs 159 and 171 of the Water Industry Act 1991) and they can apply for an injunction to remove the building and recover the damage if you do not seek their permission before carrying out the work. You also need to unsubscribe building control panels if you want to sell your home in the future, so this is a pretty good one that you should take seriously. If you have requested a full agreement, we will contact you within 21 days of your application. We will discuss your proposal with you, including any details that may need to be changed. If your answers meet our requirements, we will send you an agreement. If not, we will re-educate you to apply for an approved construction agreement that you should pay. There is a discount to pay online. Thames Water Build over Agreements require different information that must be provided to a thames water engineer before construction. The first point is that a construction agreement applies only to sewers and public sewers. For sewers larger than 160 mm in diameter, you must tell us when construction is complete, so that we can order a ccTV study after construction to check the condition of the sewers.

We check CCTV`s surveys before obtaining authorization. Wells also cannot be built because of the increased risk of flooding and olfactory nuisance caused by internal wells. Where possible, wells should be removed and crossed. If it is not possible to build a well outside a building, we can discuss alternatives when we receive your application. Take our online quiz and find out if you qualify for a free self-certified construction agreement. This agreement is free and will be sent to you immediately by email. You must apply for an approved contract if: It`s only been a few weeks since the construction of SW18 began. Demolition and extender are almost… The new independent lands cannot be built by a public channel and instead require a diversion from the canal. Any nearby pipeline you want to build in could have an impact on the design, so it`s best to know where the pipes are when you plan to avoid delays and additional costs.

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