Articles Of Agreement Between

No. 4188 – Agreements between Roger Watkinson and William Mason regarding the sale of a property in Walkeringham from Watkinson to Mason; 1. Apr 1775 7. Any member whose currency has been distributed to other members under the age of 6 uses this currency in the currency of the member who requests the refund or in some other way that can be agreed between them. If the participating members do not agree, the member obliged to pay is fully cashed within five years of the date of distribution, but is not required to collect more than one-tenth of the amount paid to each other member in a semester. If the member does not comply with this obligation, the amount that should have been cashed can be liquidated in an orderly manner in each market. In general, the articles of the agreement detail the proposed provisions on the facts that result and specify a time frame for the execution of the facts. “Agreements” define the main obligations of the parties involved. As a general rule, they consist of four sections: 4. In the event of liquidation of the Special Drawing Rights Division under Article XXV, within six months of the end of a participant`s participation, the count between the Fund and that government is carried out in accordance with Article XXV and Scheme I.

1. If the remaining commitment to the terminating member after the section XXIV tax, section 2, point b), and the liquidation agreement between the Fund and the terminating member are not reached within six months of the termination date, the Fund pays this balance of special drawing rights in semi-annual equal tranches within a maximum of five years from the closing date. The Fund maintains this balance, as it determines: (a) by paying the terminated member the sums made available by other fund participants in accordance with Article XXIV, Section 5, or (b) by allowing the terminating subscriber to use his special drawing rights to obtain his own currency or currency freely usable from a participant designated by the Fund. , the general resource account or another owner. Statutes are a company`s fouding document. They contain, among other things, the company`s main purpose and powers, members` voting rights and restrictions. It is similar to incoptrporation articles, but it is used more often to refer to the founding document of a non-profit organization. 6.

The deducing member guarantees the unrestricted use of the currency mentioned within 4 and 5 years at any time for the purchase of goods or for the payment of sums earned by him or to persons in his territory. It compensates the fund for losses resulting from the difference between the value of its currency in the form of a special drawing right at the time of withdrawal and the special drawing right within the meaning of the special drawing right of the fund less than 4 and 5. 4. If a member has not reached an agreement with the Fund within the three-month period covered in paragraph 3 above, the Fund uses the currencies of other members assigned to that member in accordance with paragraph 2 (d) to repay the member`s currency which is allocated to other members.

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